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Getting down to it and the Hero's Journey

Life Doesn't Wait (for you)

Got some stories!

Fan Fiction

Come Away With Me (song)

a Not so Brilliant Not New Idea

a love song that just happened

Mystic's Dream - Loreena McKennitt

Reflections of a 17-year-old (something i wrote for Teen Ink)

Never Truly Die - a tribute to Dumbledore, a brilliant author's creation

My very allegorical history of the Jani

Story idea: Spy Princess

Writing, not writing, and the future

New ideas

My Fantasy Names (girls then boys)

Awesome Pictures

What Now?

What You Are To Me

The Maiden Fair

A Night For Dancing (Dancing With Faeries

Life Is ~ The Stones Under My Feet

Life Is ~ The Color of Your Eyes (for Shannie)

Just Take Me Away

I am a Dragon

Night and Morning (Out My Window)

What I Won't Ask You

Why I Write

Words for a Poem

An Abstract Life

This World Here

You Are Like Summer - for Shannie Girl

It Doesn't Matter (just wrote this)

We Are (based on 1 Peter 2:9)

Falling Down is Falling High

Give It Back

Give You My Heart

You are the Water

In My Eyes You are White

My Mind

Elevator People

Ordinary Girl

To Be Without You

Dancing Tonight [one of the few (secular) love songs I've written

You're Family

Life Rhythm Song(chant)

What Is? God Is

A Friend

Little Laptops - Little People

Two Friends for Tea

An Abstract Heart



Conversation of Salvation