Two Friends for Tea

Dear Aberjab, he said to me,
"When do want me to come to tea?
I'll bring rhubarb, shall we sit by the sea?"
I gave to him a wave
And for a reply I curtsied
Smiled, and skipped on my way.

The morning was bright and fair
Warm breezes brushed through my hair
As I skipped down the path to nowhere
I hummed a little verse
About a little bear
As I jumped a puddle and held my skirts

Flowers grew along the way
Showing happy faces to the day
Turned heads to me as if to say,
"Good morning! How are you?
It's been long since we had a play."
I answered well and knew it was the truth

At my own cottage I plucked a bloom
Stuck it in my hair and picked up the broom
I needed to sweep and clean my room
For mother was coming
I need be ready by afternoon
So I worked while humming

And dear Aberjab, he came up the walk
Just at the chiming of the clock
Bearing with him several a stalk
Of rhubarb for me to make my tarts
I thanked him and asked him talk
He gave me a smile that warmed my heart

Then mother came bustling to the house
I welcomed her in and sat her down
And laid on her head a flowery crown
Aberjab, he bowed to her
Always such a gentleman mouse
I poured tea and set the sugar

It was a fine day of taking tea
Smiling and talking, just us three
And Aberjab played his flute for me
The sun kept shining till the dusk
And mother said she had to leave
I showed her out and didn't protest

These two are very special to me
I hope to have them again for tea