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Paper Aeroplanes

It's hard for you, it's hard for me Being so far away I'll send you messages on little Paper aeroplanes And every Sunday put a letter in a bottle And the river will take it your way
It's hard for me, it's hard to be So far away from you Can't see your face, can't see your smile I know you miss me too I'll send you goodnight kisses When I look up at the moon
It's tough to be, it's tough to live In a place so far from home Wish I may, wish I might Wish myself back home to you 'Cause home is where the heart is And you hold my heart at home
It's hard for you, I know it is Knowing I'm so far away You'll send me messages on Little paper aeroplanes And every Sunday put a letter in a bottle And the river will carry it my way
I'll send you messages on little Paper aeroplanes I hope you like them 'Cause more are headed your way


Screen shut, homework done Restless legs, it's only one Everybody's not around Or buried in the homework shroud Kinda hungry, kinda not Eat some chips, drink some pop I know what I need to do today I'll go adventuring!
Outside, rain or shine I'll be sure to do it right Jump in puddles, climbing trees Chase a squirrel, race the breeze So tired, coming home Insides warm and fingers cold I can't keep this smile off of my face 'Cause today was a perfect day
Next day, buried deep Brain is fried, deprived of sleep Daydreaming, dreaming real Waking up for my next meal Books shut, homework hate Grumpiness needs to abate I know what I need to do today I'll go adventuring!
Outside, rain or shine I'll make sure to do it right Stomp in mud, skid on ice Hit my head on branches twice So tired, coming home Insides warm and fingers cold I can't keep this smile off of my face 'Cause today turned out to be great
Adventuring, good for the soul Dig your way of your hole Sleep or not, you need to br…


So many things I still don't understand So many days I find it hard to stand How much longer will my bones keep aching? How much longer till I stop shaking?
So many footprints here and I'm making more So many have passed this way before One of these days I'll wear a hole in the floor If can't find way to get myself out the door
The wind keeps blowing the trees Against my window pane The storm inside my soul Keeps me in so much pain When will the bell ring to release me? When will I realize that I am free to leave?
So many things I have yet to figure out So many days all I want to do is shout How much longer will I be held in silence? How much longer till I let go The breath I've been holding in? I won't let the silence win
The wind keeps blowing the trees Against my window pane The storm inside my heart Keeps me full of pain When will the bell toll and release me? Will I realize that I was free to leave?
When will I rise up and take back what's mine? There is no reason to wait till …

I Love You Like

I love you like I love the rain You make me feel safe Like the rain when it's on my face I love your hugs like I love the morning fog It wraps me up and holds me close
I hold you close to me in my heart And at night I think of you like a star I see you though you're far I can't drive a car to see you But there you are, shining
I love you like I love winter's first kiss Snowflakes on my fingertips I can taste the cold inside my bones I think of you like a warm fire back home I'll hold you close 'cause you're burned Into my heart
I couldn't love you better I couldn't love you more Than I do now
You are my rain And my morning fog You are my star That lives inside my heart You are the fire You are in my bones You're in my blood So I am never alone
I love you I love the sunset Is there anything more beautiful? Maybe the summer storm The thunder makes me feel so brave I feel you close and I feel safe
I love you like I love the wind The gusting laughter of the trees I sit close and hug…

Every Time

Every time I see you I want to hide 'Cause once upon a time you made me smile But then we had a misunderstanding A falling out of massive proportions And now you act like you barely know me
Every time I see you I cringe inside 'Cause I know that once upon a time You were my best friend and I was yours We shared our secrets and our stories And now I'm just another face to you
I would say I'm sorry but I did nothing wrong You thought that I liked you But I hadn't for so long You said you wanted friendship And I said that's what I'd give But all you did was back away So in the end we had to split
Every time I see you I want to talk Go on one of our long midnight walks When everything was just a joke And you would you walk me home But now you barely crack a smile
Every time I see you I'm torn apart 'Cause there's a you-shaped hole in my heart Honestly, I'm fine to be just friends But you get so scared of the end And now we're not friends an…


She's a wonder You can see it in her eyes You can see it in her eyebrows When she can't hold back a smile She's a darling You can see it in her hands You can see it in her fingers When she makes you laugh
She's the kind of girl You just can't help but adore In the way she walks And every time she talks She's a wonder, she is bliss And she's wonderful Just as she is
She's still naive You can see it in her heart You can see it in her tears When you realize she's scarred She's a sweetheart You can see it in her love You can see it in her willingness When no one else will come
She's the kind of girl You just can't help but adore In the way she walks And every time she talks She's a wonder, she is bliss And she's wonderful Just as she is
She's a wonder, yes she is Wonderful inside and out Think of how she lives I wonder how When you think of all the ugliness But beauty comes from brokenness And she is more than beautiful She's a wonder


I prefer the song that are unsung These I love far better than the other ones Unsung songs are secret things Hummed above tarnished diamond rings Melodies that resonate More in the bones than our mind state They are not the lyrics of the time Or of any time that comes to mind But rather of the hidden hours In between the sun and showers Empty pictures frames and vases Fancy words and dull catch-phrases
I prefer the songs that lie above our hearts And farther off beyond the stars Where no one knows the language of A simple sentiment of love And yet these are the songs we hold While working hard to strive for gold Further, they do not require words And more easily express joy or hurt
These are the songs I love to sing Because they encompass everything

Light a Candle?

Nobody sees into my soul But you You read me like a book 'cause You wrote it I don't know the ending but You surely do I don't want to know it but Could I see the next page? It's not like I stumble over Every word anymore I can read my own lines Without too much faltering I don't write too many corrections Corrections that lead me to Tumble down the letters My soul is a maze that I didn't make I know It's a temple for you to dwell I know Aren't I doing better? Aren't I keeping it clean? Dust doesn't settle there for long Could I see around the next corner? It's very confusing, bumping into people And things and ideas What am I supposed to do with them Besides set them on shelves? There's too may of them for me To know them all Surely you could leave a note every Now and then For a hapless wanderer to get a clue Couldn't you? I'll follow you no matter what I swear But do you think You could maybe Light a candle?

Just Another Song

I would love to sing you a song From long ago Tell how I loved you then Say that I love you now That I've loved you all along
I would love to paint you a picture Something forgotten Show you how I know your eyes And all the ways you smile That I known you since back then
Back then you saw my hair The way I walked without care You saw me scribbling In my journal but you Never asked what was in there
You'd watch me walking home Under a thousand stars You'd like the way I sang With the evening but you Never quite saw my heart
I want to take your hand And make you come away I want to hold you close Behind us dawn would come And we'd still be awake
I would like to sing to you Tell you secrets You can stroke my hair And whisper in my ear I'll tell you how you're perfect
You used to see my sketches And saw my paper cuts You liked what you saw Thought I was an artist That you could never get
You looked right past me Past my gaze I looked into your soul I saw an endless well You thought I'd never stay


His Praise

They love it when I sing my songs
And build my brothers up
They love my healing words and when
I help them get unstuck
They love my humble ways and
How I smile every day
And even though I love their praise
I really should shut up

'Cause all the songs belong to God
He helps me build my brothers up
He gives me healing words for those
Who want to just give up
I smile and they think that I am
Humble in my ways
But all my serving is in vain
If I don't redirect the praise

Back to my father
The one who gave me life

I love it when they see me sing
And help them when they fall
I love to tell them healing words
And help them hear God's call
I love to show my humbleness
By saying it's his holiness
I'll smile to their face
But underneath I crave their praise

But all the songs belong God
He's the savior for the fallen
He's the one with healing words
And gave me my calling
My humbleness is brokenness
When I forget his holiness
And when he speaks I hide my face
'Cause I took all his praise

Took it fro…

Young Warriors

We are the young We are naïve We don't belong We don't always see That we are strong We must believe We're the ones To make others see The world is wrong We are naïve But we are young And we're the ones who can fight
We're warriors We'll win the war If we will just hold up the light We stand on the rock On Almighty God We can shine brightly and strong We are the young
We are afraid We don't know ourselves We forget heaven And see only hell We don't see our strength In Jesus our Lord We see the devil Ruling the world We are naïve We think it’s over We think we're lost Caught in the fever But we are young And we're the ones who will fight
We're warriors We will win the war If we just shine the light We stand on the rock Our Almighty God We can be bright and strong We are the young

The Joyful Life

I believe there is a small inkling of a higher way which most ignore when thinking of ‘the good life.’  Most assume that life is a strict progression of choice to consequence, but within the area of Christian thinking, there is the extra dimension of the spiritual realm.  This is the dimension of the unseen, and it is the unseen rather than what can be seen, which is capable of making life “good.”  Because God is my unseen source, life can be not only “good,” it can be better.  I call this better life: joyful.             What does it mean to be joyful, exactly?  To understand joy, first we have to understand happiness.  People often mistake happiness for joy.  The difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is an emotion: a temporary feeling of euphoria or delight, while joy is a decision to delight in one’s current situation regardless of whether they feel happy, assuming joy is preferable to happiness.  Without some sort of outside source of delight, finding j…

I'm Home

To think that we invented A new shade of happy A sort of white with more dimensions A better reality To think that you look at me And see someone with worth You make me so happy You make me feel like
I'm home, at last I've been searching so long For a place Not a name, just a feeling Where I know Without a doubt Finally, I'm home
To think that you can look at me Your eyes so full of fire You don't even need to speak I'm filled with this odd desire Just to be with you Just to know who you are Not to consume you Just be where you are
I'm home, at last I've been searching so long For a place Not a name, just a feeling Where I know Without a doubt Finally, I'm home
I don't even need your love I don't even need your words Just to sit by your side Best place in the world
I don't need to hold your hand I don't need you to hold mine Just to be by your side And look in your beautiful eyes
I feel like I'm home With you I'm home

Broken Things

You love to fix unbroken things They're fine until you cut their strings I wish you'd tell me everything That's going through your head
You love to break the window panes And cut yourself to know you're in pain I wish I knew what I could say To heal what's in your head
Then I'm the one that's falling down How can I turn the lights back on When you need me most Is when I need you And all the lights are broken too
I love to fix the broken things To heal the hurt and mend their wings I can't help them if you are missing I want to repair your heart
I need your help when I can't speak Your voice is strong when mine is weak But with both our tongues set on repeat We can't repair our hearts
And you're the one that's falling down I want to turn the lights back on You need me then And I need you too Together we can become new
You love to hang the lights in trees I love to see you so at ease With mended hearts, with stronger wings We'll fix the broken things

Spiral Down

Mannequin Money in Pleasure out - for a while Heroine Money in Pleasure out - in style
High regard Hopes fall hard Love in light Lust at night Tipping to the side All the world arrives To watch them spiral down Then kick them out of town
Harlequin Paper thin Hunger driven - to perfection American For the win Hunger driven - to infection
Low regard Feathers, tar Lust in light Love at night Fallen to the side All the world is blind To the endless spiral down
Down, down, down, down

Summer - inspired by Vivaldi

Summer, ever uncontrite
Bringing love to starry nights
Roses, posies show their face
Always filled with ready grace

Hand on heart and heart in mouth
Tasting new unspoiled youth
Forth the questing! Come what may
Lasting only for a day

Colors cover all the land
Savour our creator's plan
Tend, cherish, pluck and reap
Falling soon enough to sleep

Spring - inspired by Vivaldi

Spring, delightfully unaware
Blossoms merrily and without care
No hindrance save for lack of rain
But in advance it comes again

To soak the earth in heaven's gift
Whereby we may dig and sift
And sow the seeds which then may bless
Somebody's heart with gentleness

Then anon in twilight's hour
In another heav'nly shower
Dowsing spirits so as to revive
There anew the love of life


Out here alone, just me and the stars I can hear silence, I hear the dark Under the heavens, under that space Find me an answer, find me a place
To sleep, to dream
Out here with you, you're next me I hold your hand, you grin happily Under the quiet, beneath the trees Together not silent, together we're free
To sleep, to dream
Running around in circles Because we want to Climbing the tallest trees To take in the view Laying back on the grass To watch the clouds Closing our eyes, tuning out All of the sounds
Let's sleep and dream
Out here in jeans, converse and t-shirt The wind gets chilly, pull on my jacket Hike the next mountain, top the next ridge See the next valley, roll down the hills
I breathe, release
Out here in winter, snow on my hair I am alone but, really don't care Here is adventure, here is my life All of creation, not enough time
To breathe, release
Running around in circles Because I want to Climbing the tallest trees To take in the view Laying back on the grass To watch the clouds Closing…

The Princess

"What's the matter with you, princess?" My pale professor said. "Have you been poisoned, stabbed or tortured, Have you lost your head?
"Then use it, girl, before you're dead. Get that mind to thinking. You need to use the time you have, Every day you're sinking!
"Don't look at me like I'm insane, I'm alive because I'm clever. You must learn to live this way, The queen won't live forever!
"Now don't speak, the walls have ears, I'll see you with the sun. Think on what you've heard, but know I expect your homework done."
When he'd gone, I sat a bit And then got into bed. I reflected on the day's events On what he hadn't said.
He was right about everything.
One more mistake and I'd be dead.

Minding My Heart

All I want and all I need Going back and forth between Which is right, which is left To sit abandoned by itself All the songs I never wrote All those candles' stunted growth Late night hurting, fever's chill I want a word, I need a will
All these red things piled up inside Me All these green things piled by the wayside See? My heart is not the same as my mind My mind is not the same as my heart
Echoes echo in the caves Once I was a little brave I wish I could fly away Maybe I could skip today What does tomorrow look like Before it has a face? Little red wagons with green wheels Don't turn me out, I'll drag my heels
All these orange things piled up so high Whew All these blue things piled up behind my eyes I knew My heart is not the same as my mind My mind is not the same as my heart
And there, do you see it? Hiding under the faintest spark A thought, a word Something waiting to be heard
All I want, all I need Just the time in between Yesterday and what's next Give me a phone to send the text Meet me …


This story was inspired by this short, short film by Joshua Chislett: LIGHTS

The sun had almost full set beyond the hill when he found me.  I'd dared to hope, and now, he strode toward me.  His legs ate up the ground like always but still it seemed an ageless moment before they stopped a few feet from my knees.  My knuckles clenched the dry grasses encased in my fists until I realized I couldn't feel them anymore.  With an effort, I released the grass, looking up at gangly-limbed boy in front of me.
I licked my lips - no words escaped.  He stayed silent, as if only a sound from me could break the glass between us.  My mind searched for the right thing to say - no words surfaced.  One hand broke off more grass to crumble in my fist.  Our eyes stared into the other's soul like all the words in the world could be found there, and read, and understood.  Slowly, gangly legs folded onto the ground and my eyes lowered with his.
Again, I forced my fist open and scraped the torn bits …

Old Stuff #7 Dancing With the Faeries

It's the song of night
That draws me in
The haunting sounds
Carried on the wind
I'm caught up
To dance with faeries

Snowflakes on my tongue
Now I'm singing
Eyes shut in rapture
My arms are flinging
Frost through the air
Dancing with the faeries

Beneath my feet
A blanket of white
In the dark I see
Magic of starlight
Mist is creeping in
Between the dancing faeries

Even the trees
Are smiling through
The midnight fog
They're laughing too
I find myself so happy
Dancing with the faeries

I don't want the sun
Morning can't break
This night has been lovely
I don't want to awake
In the stillness of the edge
The dance of faeries

The dancing stops
Unaware I carry on
They carry me away
Before the dawn
Cradled in the rosy light
Faeries dance me home

I would think
It was all a dream
But for the faces
I saw in my half-sleep
Tonight they'll come for me
I'll be dancing with the faeries

It's the song of night
That draws me in
The haunting sounds
Carried on the wind
I'm caught up again
To dance with faeries

Old Stuff #6 Don't Run With Scissors

I know my Momma said it was dangerous
But I ran with scissors today
I was angry and frustrated
Wanted my way
Just stomped away from a fight
About nothing
Only me trying to be right
And I grabbed up a pair of scissors
That were lying on my desk
And ran, ran, ran far away

And nothing happened
I jumped in a few mud puddles
To make myself feel better
Work through the muddle
That I like to call my brain
Ordinarily sane
Today, some wires just weren't connected
I ran with scissors
My mistake

You know you always think
It's gonna be fine like it was before
But just as I was coming through the door
I tripped
There's a step there that I missed
And those scissors
They jabbed me
Skipped my fingers and went for my knee
Left an ugly slice in my jeans
That's what you get for running with scissors

'Course my Momma fixed me up
Got a band-aid and washed out the cut
It didn't really hurt so much as my pride did
Maybe next time before I get so angry
I could think things through carefully
Some things aren't wort…