Story idea: Spy Princess

Lia was born blind. Her unseeing eyes are a startling shade of blue, so most think she can see. With the way she acts, you would almost never know. Lia's other senses are extra sensitive; it's like she doesn't even need her sight. She's a spy for an organization that works under the city, called Bluestone. Every member wears a pendant of lapis lazuli around their neck, hidden beneath their shirt. Bluestone works for the king. Lia spies in the streets, and the palace corridors. King Gerdal is contemplating what to do about their neighboring kingdom of Razdor. The king there has been trading unfairly and stealing money from Gerdal. Finally, when the Razdorians start to attack Carsa, Gerdal has no choice but declare war on Razdor. Lia has always thought of Bluestone headquarters as a safe haven, but now they are turned into a military group, spies becoming soldiers. Feeling alone, instead of staying in the city, she ventures out to where the enemy is camped and sneaks in. Playing traitor, Lia risks everything to save her homeland. In the end, she learns that she is Gerdal's eldest daughter, but he had to disown her because she is blind. But he loves her, and she forgives him.

The book would have three parts:
Blue Eyes