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Some Things

Some songs aren't meant to be sung
Until all the last shades of sun
Have left the sky an infinite deepening blue

Some words aren't meant to be spoken
Until all the last pages have been written
And the stories therein have run out

Some hurts aren't meant to be felt
Until all the mists have rolled back
Into the pall of dusky evening 

Some things aren't meant to be known
Until the last days of knowing
Have come and gone and all is ended


There is more to walking than your feet on the ground. Yes, it is your feet on the ground, off the ground, on the ground again. But walking require direction, an decision. You choose a direction. You decide to lift one foot off the ground and move. The process repeats, and you are walking. But while you are walking, there is a sort of living. You are consciously moving in a direction of your choice. Isn't that was life is? So, life is like walking. Life is like your feet on the ground, off the ground, on the ground again. First there is breathing, then there is thinking, then there is moving. And in between, living.


There is more than breathing. Breathing is what you do first, when you wake up, before you start singing, as you dive into the water. But after the breathing, that is your life. So many choices, so many opportunities, so many places to go and things to see. There are your hands. First, you breathe, so your hands can move. Then, you use them. You build something, you paint a picture, you write a book. There are your eyes. First, you breathe, so your eyes can function. Then, you use them. You witness a storm, you watch a movie, you read a book. All the while, you are breathing, but more importantly, all the while, you are living. Breathing is basic. Breathing is essential. Breathing is first and breathing is last. And in between, living.

God in a Box

They hate him!
They spit in his face!
At least they would if he still had a place
But no, he is gone!
Put away under locks
Can you really get mad at a god in a box?
They don't want his help
So they abolish His laws
They broke all His statutes
That highlight their flaws
They think he is cruel
And barely existent
But blame Him for evil
And so aren't consistent
They plot his demise
And deny their own rage
Is there sense is abhoring a god in a cage?