An Abstract Life

Broken and covered with blood
Ashes floating like tears over the embers
Of the forgotten fire
Hands dirty
Soiled with shame and anger
Mud of past lust under fingernails

In between
The lies that seek to kill us from behind
The truth that tries to set us free in front
And the aimless shadows falling away
Heart-shaped pebbles ground under our feet
The skies black with dread
And dying dreams

Covered up
The scratch of the wool blanket
Dust and old china
The boxes and bins of lifeless furniture
Waiting to be used again
In the attics sitting cold
Dull mirrors with stories to tell
Ones you don't want to hear

Worn down
The pages with ink in spidery hand
The cover torn
Threadbare socks on weary feet
Swinging door creaks on rusty hinges
Snow falling off boots
As they stomp and try to find warmth

And you find that the fire's gone out
No more wood
You shiver in the empty house
With mud of past lust under fingernails
And dying dreams
Stories you don't want to hear

It's just the end
And the beginning
A person's life
In a dark world