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I am Not Dead

Death has no face, death has no name
But cold uncertainty
Unless, by light and blood and grace
Were giv'n eternity
Come! Come now away!
He calls me from the boat
The moonlight wanes, the sirens strain
To keep their songs afloat
I was prepared, I knew the day
I had no fear or shame
When clinging to the windowsill
A lonely spirit came
But after morbid whispers hushed
I turned a frozen cheek
And hand in hand, from beating heart
My spirit went from me
A shadowed veil, come light, prevail
I must not tarry here
Death has me led and would be wed
And keep me staid for years
But here is not where I belong
I was't promised hope of life
After darkness, after grief
Must come eternal light
A sweet refrain is calling me
Past sorrow and past death
His lonesome howl, his features foul
Pitiable, never blessed
Cannot be sung, cannot be spoken
Dirges lose their meaning
The heav'nly mirror, all coming clearer
A glassy sea, and freedom
I, welcomed home, would cry if I
Had tears that I could shed
But I know nothing else but joy

Story Opener

For the first few years of my life, I thought all people lived in the deep woods. I thought that humans were naturally nocturnal, craving the dark and the instinctual way of walking by ear instead of sight. Mother told me that normal humans slept at night, doing their business during the day. I considered this, and went on to conclude that our breed of human was special and superior. I didn't understand at the time that we weren't actually human.