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My Life Is: series

So, I was just inspired by a poem that I read on Teen Ink, which is a website for teens to post written work, or pictures. You can discuss POV's, read books, and view beautiful photos. I have an account there, my screen name is FireandWater. If you want to look me up, I have not much posted, because it takes at least a week for the editors to approve and publish your posts on the website.

Anyway, back to the inspired thing. I wrote a poem called Life Is: The Color of Your Eyes, and dedicated it to my best friend Shannon. Then that inspired me to write more on what Life Is to me. I now have 5 poems in that series, and will be writing more. So anyway, they are free verse poems.

I used to only write free verse a while ago, then started getting into rhyming. Then I was stuck with rhyming. But now I like to to both of them. I also enjoy writing haikus, but this post is not about the kind of poems I write, so yeah. Moving on.

If anybody who reads this has an idea of what to wri…

Just Thinking - a free verse poem

I was thinking that if I were standing
In the middle of a crowd
And you were looking for me
You'd be blinded by the noise
And by the sound
Even if I shouted and
Tried to be clear
You wouldn't hear me
You'd still be there
And I'd be here
The sky above is blue
And the grass below is green
But those distinctive colors are blocked
By the air that's in between
It's brown and muddy foggy
That's why we lose our way
And can't find all that we're looking for
The songs to sing and words to say
And in the millions billions
Of people in the world
What are the chances
Of picking one shy girl?
To be the leader
Person speaker
That can command attention
There's no reason I'd be picked
Even if, I'd hand in my rejection
I don't want to be a great
Or anybody bigger than pencil on a slate
Things make their own worth
They can decide their own weight
I don't choose to make decisions
I'd just make fumbles, collisions
In my mind I'm even tinier
Than you can see
If I was picked t…

The Deeper Meaning of This Blog

I lied. There's no deeper meaning. The shallower meaning is that I want to share my writing. Okay, maybe it's not shallow. But it's not exactly deep, so it's just the regular old meaning! Moving on from that pointless introductory part, lets get on with the real part of this first post.

I'm a dreamer. Writing is a way of seeing those dreams. I dream about dragons, magic, wizards, love, friendship, shadowy people, controlling elements...and so on. When I write, I get to see those things in words. In my very visual mind, the words become the person weaving fire around himself, or the silver brushing the surface of water with one iridescent wing.

My brain does not like to think inside the box. When you write, especially about fantasy, you get to think outside the box! Sure we have to obey the rules of grammar and mechanics and such but still, it's fun. Why else would I do it?

I write fiction - fantasy mostly - and songs. Just the lyrics. That makes …