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Title Song

This is the title song
For every time you want to sing along
I sat in your car just singing
As we drove out to Wisconsin
The radio was making music
And I was making memories
Of people sleeping in the backseat

We sang of rooftops and windows
Of places where nobody goes
Who we are, no one else ever know
We're in the wind, we go where it blows

This is the title song for
Every time you felt something more
Every love, every hurt, every ordinary
Every day, all the same, no one knows the difference
The music carries us all away
We're crazy and get swept away
Never knowing where we are going

We sang of questions and answers
Of secrets and cures for cancer
Who we are is just a gesture
We're only what we can muster

This is the title song
For something that just has begun
What it is no one can say
But you can take a guess anyway
We danced under a great blue sky
And never needed a reason why
We were only what we wanted to be
The song has set us free

We sang of rooftops and windows
Of …