This World Here

Are you happy living here in the desolation?
I'm not
This world with darkened skies
The bluff we wear as our disguise
To hide the shame that blinds our eyes

Are you happy living here in destruction?
I'm not
The battle that we fight in blood
Surrounded by spectators' mud
And covered over by the flood

I'm not happy living here in this waste
This struggling, dying, gruesome place
I want to shout out for a better land
For in the end that what I'll have
I'm carried in the Savior's hand

Are you happy living now in separation?
I'm not
This world that teaches us no fear
In the shadows lust is near
The groping hands of temptation are here

Are you happy living now with speculation?
I'm not
What will happen in the end?
Will you be betrayed by your friend?
How next will life make you bend?

Jesus fights this battle
He's won the fight
He'll take you out of the night
Take us up to eternal light
Are you happy living here in endless sorrow?
Find Jesus, he's your hope of a tomorrow


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