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AU Hogwarts Dream

I don't remember where the dream started off, but I was in this house, old stone and wood, huge house, with lots of other friends in some sort of school uniform.  It came to me that this was something like Hogwarts and we were about to fight the final battle against Voldemort.  Everyone had very interesting wands, even cooler than in the movies.  Mine was dark brown with white berries attached to it, all wood though.  It was too short for me, though, and never worked exactly right.  I think that was because it wasn't my original wand.  As I worked my way around the house, I saw Death Eaters, not like in the movies either, so this was kind of like a parallel universe where each character of Harry Potter had a twin, but looked a little different.

I joined in the fight and got knocked out by someone.  Then, some friends carried me to a safe room.  I watched that part out of my body.  When I woke up, one was still there, I thought, but it was an enemy.  Iyelled, "Stupify!"…

A recurring dream

Each person has a ball that contains the secrets and powers of their soul. The good guys protect this blue ball. The bad guy wants it because then he can use it to take over and destroy the good Organization. The protector is taken by the bad guy. He gets the blue ball. But he find out from the protector and the dragon that there is another ball. It's his ball and it holds all the secrets and powers of his soul. If he releases it, he could either destroy himself or gain power. The protector has a ball too. His is green and he releases his at the same time that the bad guy releases his. It was black with dark red cracks. They find out that they are in a sideways time. The leader of the Organization tells them they are dead. The bad guy is not really bad anymore because he finds that he likes being happy and he hates killing and seeing death now. The protector changes the bad guy's ball with his own ball, so that now their existences are entwined, but he has completely changed t…

Old post

Three things I like about myself.
1. My imagination.  Creativity too, but it's almost the same thing.  It never stops going, and while I sometimes say I've got no inspiration, I never have nothing.
2. My writing talent.  It sounds boastful, but I'm being honest.  I really think I'm above average or more in the writing of fiction area.  People other than my mom and close friends agree, which tells you something.  I think that my fiction/poetry writing is probably my only real area of talent, so I think you might excuse me for being rather proud of it.
3. My randomness.  Or weirdness, whatever you want to call it.  Sometimes I think I'm getting a little too strange, or wild, but every time I bring the subject up, my friends all tell me they think it's endearing, if not with that choice of word.  They say I wouldn't be me if I wasn't random, and they love me for it.  So I guess I love it too.

Three things I hate about myself.
1. My procrastination.  This just m…

Who doesn't love shakespearean insults?

Thou artless base-court apple-john!
Thou bawdy doghearted clack-dish! Thou currish full-gorged gudgeon! Thou gleeking motley-minded puttock! Thou pribbling ill-nurtured ratsbane! Thou ruttish folly-fallen wagtail! Thou fobbing spur-galled joithead! Thou mammering pottle-deep hedge-pig! Thou loggerheaded shard-borne dewberry! Thou surly beetle-headed giglet! Thou paunchy beef-witted hugger-mugger! Thou spleeny toad-spotted  skainsmate! Thou qualling lily-livered moldwarp! Thou rank full-gorged bugbear!

Surrender Canyon [post transfer #6]

I'm standing where the road ends and the mists of Surrender Canyon begin.  I've been walking on this road for days and months and years.  If I turned around, I'd see the smoke and fire from the Devil's Lair, rising like Mount Doom from the horizon.  Without turning, I hear the squabbling and squealing of a thousand demons behind me.  They fill the air with their putrid breath and poisonous words.  Lies drip like bog water from their mouths, and it puddles out from where they cower from the light of the Spirit.  As long as I am careful not to cover the light, the demons cannot touch me.  Their scrabbling hands claw at my garments but shrink from the light of my guide.  The Spirit sits quietly on my shoulder, always ready to answer my questions or offer me verses of comfort. 
I look out across the expanse of mists and fog before me, then, timidly, I peer down off the edge of the cliff.  To my right and left, the cliff wall extends as far as I can see.  Behind me, the road…

Thought-words [post transfer #5]

I'm reading "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."  It's a good book.  It's also got some things in it that I don't like too much, or at all and some things that are sad or creepy, but I am still happy enough to read it.  Some of the things that are said or done in the book are things that I have not experienced yet, but I will experience once I am out in the "big, bad world."  And if I don't know about these things before I get out there, I think I would be so shocked that I would shut up inside myself and maybe never want to come out.

I have read some other books that have shocked me.  Some of them I put away and did not finish.  The other ones I read until the end and then said, "wow."  I feel good that I read them because they taught me things.  Not things that I would need to know if all I ever did was sit in a cave and think about God.  But there are certain things in the world today that are so messed up.  If I wasn't warned befo…

Nonsense Stories [post transfer #4]

My name is Edward and I have a boring story to tell.  Can you pass me some Edward?  But they were out of Edward, so they could not read all the apple stories.  Unfortunately, all the apples had worms.  The worms were cannibals and ugly so he ran away to the bacon store.  But the bacon store had no bacon.  "Let's try the potion store!"  In the potion store, they saw Christopher Walkin.  They however did not say "hello" to him because they only believed in death and destruction and bombed everything.  But all the bombs missed their targets.  I wanted to say they all lived, so I did say it.  They're alive! The End.
Zoey was a very grumpy hedgehog.  She was disappointed because all of her herbs were gone.  But no worries, she knew she could steal some more.  The blood splattered all over her ballgown jeans!  She was ruined, everyone would think of her differently from now on.  So she went to live on the moon.  She had a purple tent backpack so she could go explor…


Sometimes, when I'm lying in bed waiting for my brain to shut down so I can fall asleep, I'll think of something.  Of course, when I'm lying in bed with my overactive brain jumping up and down I am always thinking of something.  But sometimes, and only sometimes, I will think of something different. 
I know that I always think of things differently.  Sometimes, though, I will think of a different thing and also think about it differently than if I were somebody else.  Somebody else's brain might not jump up and down - and mine doesn't always, sometimes it dances - but maybe theirs just strolls along lamp-lit avenues and falls asleep very fast, so that their thoughts just blend into their dreams.  Then when they wake up they forget it all and whatever was different becomes something same again.
Sometimes, when I'm lying in bed, and my brain is walking backwards on a railing, I will think of something different.  And then I will want to not fall asleep, because I m…

Getting Dizzy [Post Transfer #3]

Things keep happening around me like I'm stuck inside a teacup.  I'm this tipping cup of tea and the world keeps whirling by and everything is happening without me.  It'd be nice to jump back in, but I'm not quite sure how.  It's like getting off the spinny thing at the playground.

You spin around faster and faster and it feels great because you're inside this bubble and maybe people are talking to you but you can't quite catch a good look at them so it's just easier to ignore them.  Then eventually you do have to get off.  You have to hang on tight while you get off, 'cause you are apt to fall over (which I did.)  If you're lucky, somebody catches you and helps you keep your feet while your head remembers which way is up (which I did.)

But back to real life, I'm just sure quite how to get off my spinny ride and plunge back into the lives of all the people around me.  It's very odd.  And I'm not trying to be too terribly deep here, I…

Middle Moments [Post Transfer #2]

There are these moments, in between conversations, when I feel so lost.  Part of me want to go all out and relax, be the girl that makes her friends laugh.  Part of me wants to shrink inside, to freak out and be the girl that leans on friends' shoulders.  There's another part, a smaller piece, that wants to be the freaked out girl who makes her friends laugh, who doesn't always know what to say or do, but plunges in for better or worse.
That small bit seems to get pushed to the side all the time.  I'm either crazy or depressed, confident or insecure, bossy or apologizing.  It's like the middle ground is hiding from me.  Or maybe, I'm just hiding from myself.  It's weird, right?  I'm just being silly?  Is this how girls feel all the time? 
I'm so used to hanging around boys that I've begun to think I have to act like them, talk like them, agree with them.  When I'm in my right headspace, I can retain my own thoughts and walk the line.  But then…

In Memoriam (my verses) Post Transfer #1

I am just a poor peasant
Walking on this long road of life
I stumble in the brambles
I wander and I ramble
And foolishly sometimes leave the light

There are stones aplenty that get stuck inside my shoes
And I know that I could never possibly deserve you
But still you walk beside me and will hold me when I fall
'Cause you are far too beautiful to leave me

Still those demons holler at my back
They think they can fill what I lack
They whisper and they jabber
And it's hard to take their chatter
When you wearily walk the winding track

How I want to see the celestial city
I want to spend all of my days in praise
I know that God loves me
And I'll be with him eternally
So I need never be afraid

Those demons they will scream
They will spit and claw and shriek
But I've got a loving savior who will never let me go
So forgetting demon mountain I will run till I reach home
And forever I will love my God

Tell me, have you seen a boiling sunset?
Have you seen God set the clouds to fry?
They sizzle and the cra…

Regret (inspired by dystopian fiction)

Tell me how to live When it's safe to open my eyes If the sun has escaped the cloudy skies And shines once more on the heartland Where the shadows won't stay still Where the fences keep the savage out And keep the ignorant from getting out The trees and houses all look the same The roads and children have no names And wandering water is wondered at In the heartland, where the night creeps in solemnly It's face all blackened by debris There are no stars anymore They have all been burnt away By crude, stinking smoke and decay The day, more or less grey And faces, often pale And restless feet on tired legs Too old to move, too young to sleep Souls that yearn to be released To beyond, but dark awaits Never knowing another fate.

Wishes and Dreams

Somewhere there's a place Where the skies are blue Where you know you can be you And I can be me too Somewhere there's a place Where the grass is always green Where the air that's in between Is just so very sweet
I know this place can only exist in my dreams I know that wishing is just like it seems A hope in something that's not truly real But I'll keep wishing 'cause helps me feel like
Someday I'll be known For exactly who I am And all of my crazy plans Will have come down to land Someday I'll be sure That I'm who I want to be And I'll always act like me 'Cause I won't be someone else
I know this truth is how it ought to be I know it's crazy when I start to believe That all have are the wishes and the dreams But life is more than words spoken in your sleep
Somehow I will learn That it takes hard work To build a place in this world Where everybody's hazing Somehow I will learn That my talent's not enough That living can be tough When everybody's raci…