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You are the Water

In My Eyes You are White

My Mind

Elevator People

Ordinary Girl

To Be Without You

Dancing Tonight [one of the few (secular) love songs I've written

You're Family

Life Rhythm Song(chant)

What Is? God Is

A Friend

Little Laptops - Little People

Two Friends for Tea

An Abstract Heart



Conversation of Salvation

This is not how I feel now, but I still wear masks

If I Had A Brother

The Rain is Falling Down (Glory Falling)

Who I Am

Inspiration for Writing

Purity - Beyond Us, Forgiveness - Within Reach

Princess of the King/Daughter of the King - can't decide which

A Clay Jar

Pride and Confession - an article for Teen Ink


29 Days of October

The Forest Deep

I Knew the Muffin Man

After They All Died

Sky Air River Sea

Jesus, Jesus

Promised Poems

So sorry