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You are the Water

The water is beautiful
But it seems out of reach
I want to touch it
Want it to touch me

The water is amazing
Quenches every thirst
I want to drink it
Even if it hurts

Let me near the water
Let it heal me
I want the water
Now I can see
If I have the water
Nothing else can be
Quite as beautiful
You, You are the water
You are beautiful

The water is beautiful
And I know it's for me
I walk toward the water
I want to be cleaned

The water is amazing
Heals every pain
Let it flow over me
Dissolve my chains

Let me near the water
Let it heal me
I want the water
Now I can see
If I have the water
Nothing else can be
Quite as beautiful
You, You are the water
You are beautiful

In My Eyes You are White

All I can see is darkness
All I can see is pain
Beyond the endless emptiness
A dry land hungers for rain
All I can see is black
And ashes of a broken soul
A lifeless heart 
That longs to be made whole

A cry and a prayer
As I fall down
Dust in my eyes
And hands on the ground
And I hear You say

In my eyes you are white
You are covered with blood of the son
In my eyes you are white
Forgiven and given salvation
In my eyes you are clean
Washed in the death of a lamb
In my eyes you are living
Resurrected by the son of man

All I can see is light
A blinding shining sun
Radiant holiness
Cast by the Three in One
All I can see is white
Not a trace of empty land
Everything is beautiful
And covered with Your hand

A cry and a prayer
And I fall 
Hiding my face
Humbled by it all
And I hear You say

In my eyes you are white
You are covered with blood of the son
In my eyes you are white
Forgiven and given salvation
In my eyes you are clean
Washed in the death of a lamb
In my eyes you are living

My Mind

Step into the study of my mind
Follow me or you're walking blind
The ribbons of road are rarely clear
Just make sure you are always here

Don't expect to walk through fine
It's not written paths, just broken lines
Music's crooning and drums beat low
Watch your step and take it slow

Rainbows collide
On thin twisted lines
And skyscraper heights
Risky flights
Pull you higher
Pull you on
On and on and on

It's chaos in the most extreme
Colors and shapes in flying heaps
Bits of thought and memories
Sneak through cracks with practiced ease

There used to be files on shelves in rooms
Now there's cobwebs and dust and gloom
Curving hallways lead you away
But watch the turns or else you'll stray

It's not like anything
It's more than nothing
But nobody sees
'Cause I don't sell the key
Just come higher
Just come on
On and on and on

If you want to be my friend
Fight through the shadows to the end
Come bearing strength and the sword of truth
Though it's …

Elevator People

Today it was a revelation
As I stood and watched on the faces
Of those standing beside me
Life in all its forms

In the glowing joyous face of the young husband
Newly made a father

On the somber pensive face of the woman
Middle-aged, tired, wearying
Recently jobless

In the sparkling eyes of the fresh-from-college
Girl, ready to defend and defy
Now a young lawyer

On the hollow cheeks of the old man
Bent and tired
Without his helpmeet

In the curious eyes of the small boy
Grasping a hand
A year older

On the plump cheeks of the newborn
She giggles
Just brought into the world

I stood watching these faces
Pass by
Pass through
Their bodies alternately
Singing, dancing, crying, shaking,
Rising, falling, leaping, tottering,
Stepping forward
In and out
These faces of life that hum with fire and with ashes
Elevator People

Ordinary Girl

I am just an ordinary girl
Living in a kind of extraordinary world
Chasing dreams to find the other side
Breathing hope and hoping not to be left behind
As the hurricane around me
Spins and twist so fast
Who I was or who I am
Isn't, cause nothing seems to last

Maybe it's an ordinary world
And I am not an ordinary girl
The dreams I chase aren't on the other side
The hope I breathe has already left me behind
And the hurricane around me
Has spun its final round
Who I was and who I am
All comes crashing down

I think am an ordinary girl
I think this could just be an ordinary world
Dreams can be chased to find another side
And hope will wait and not leave me behind
Still the hurricane around me
Moves through life the same
Who I was now who I am
Struggling to remain

Just an ordinary girl
In her ordinary world

To Be Without You

To be without you
Is like standing in a wasted land
To be without you
It feels so cold out from under your hand
To stand alone
Is to fall with no one to help
Heal the hurt

To be without you
Is like falling down
Into the dust
Into the mud
To be without you
Is like lying dead and brown
In the ashes
In the blood

I've been without you
I've been alone
I've stood in the wasted land
I've felt the cold
I know the feeling
Of falling and hurting
Of crying and pleading
Of comforting and healing
I don't want to be without you

To be without you
Is like to be without the rain
To be without you
Is like always feeling pain
To be alone
Is to feel the fear that has no name
Crushed and battered

To be without you
Is like falling down
Into the dust
Into the mud
To be without you
Is like lying dead and brown
In the ashes
In the blood

I've been without you
I've been alone
I've stood in the wasted land
I've felt the cold
I know the feeling
Of falling and hurting
Of cr…

Dancing Tonight [one of the few (secular) love songs I've written

It's a perfect night
Sky is clear and moon is bright
Crickets chirp in the background
My footsteps silent on the ground
Shadows on the wall
I tiptoe out the garden gate
Around the bend is where you wait
We run across the lane
Into the fields as the rain
Starts to fall

Together with the music of the night
We'll dance forever in the moonlight

I will dance in your arms tonight
You'll spin me around and then hold me tight
Under the stars
As you hold my heart
Dancing, dancing tonight

A crack of light pierces the dark
The morning I know is about to start
You slow, I stop
My hands you drop
Our dance is broken
I bow my head and turn away
Because I know the coming day
Needs to find this dancing field
Empty so I yield
Though my heart is broken

But then you touch my hand
Whisper in my ear,
That we'll dance again

I will dance in your arms tonight
You'll spin me around and then hold me tight
Under the stars
As you hold my heart
Dancing, dancing tonight

We parted ways and I sa…

You're Family

So, you're kinda special to me

Not sure how you could miss the attacking hugs
And my crazy attitude
Or how I sometimes blow you off
Then act like you're the best person in the world
'Cause in that particular moment in time
You are

You're more than a friend to me

Not sure how you could miss my familiar talk
I say, "I love you"
And I mean it
But I mean it in the right way
For right now

You're like my favorite book

Not sure how you would react if I said that to you
But I mean that I love to read you
And pour over your pages
And devour the words you say
Your cover in worn with how many times I've handled it
But it's still beautiful

Is there a name for this wacked-out deal of a friendship?
Probably not, and I'm not going to make one up
Just know that you're family to me
And then everything's all right

Life Rhythm Song(chant)

(You keep this rhythm going during the song: tap, clap, snap, clap)

Where do you go when the going gets tough?
Do you keep on going?
How do you cope when things get rough?
Do you start a slowing?

Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)

What do you do when life takes a turn
To where you don't want to be?
What do you do when you go downhill
Downhill at blistering speeds?

Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)

Do you stand and fight?
Or do you run away?
Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)
Do you stand and fight?
Do you have the strength to stay?

Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)

What do you do when life goes wrong
Upside-down and sideways?
Where do you turn to not fall down
Keeping doubt at bay?

Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)

How do you find the stepping stones
In the rushing water?
How do you keep your feelings calm
And your face from turning hotter?

Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)

Do you stand and fight?
Or do you just lie down?
Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)
Do you keep your feet?
Can you stand your ground?

Tap, clap, snap, clap(2x)


What Is? God Is

Here I am
Is this day?
Am I here?
Or fading away?
What is life?
Am I alive?
What is death?
How will I die?
What is need?
Is there resistance?
What is strife?
Is there persistence?
What is evil?
What is good?
What is if?
And what is should?

What is God?

God is here
God is day
He put us here
Then takes us away
He gave us life
We are alive
When there is death
We need not die
Dark is the need
There is resistance
We will face strife
And ask for persistence
Satan is evil
God is good
Now is if
Believing is should
God is everything that we are not
God is eternal but the earth will rot
God is pain taken away
God is love given every day

Where is control?
Is there pain?
What does it mean?
Do we feel shame?
Can we breathe?
Can we fall?
Do we continue?
Or meet the wall?
Is there joy?
What is grieving?
Is there love?
What is receiving?
What is right?
What is wrong?
What is now?
What is gone?

What is God?

God has control
God felt our pain
He knows what it means
He covers our shame
God is our breath

A Friend

a friend is like a reed
bending and waving
an oak tree
standing strong

a chocolate ice cream cone
on a hot day
a fresh picked strawberry
still warm from the sun

a friend is like book
worn and read over and over
a favorite pair of shoes
worn and walked in

a hot fudge sundae
with rainbow sprinkles
a steaming cup of cocoa
with marshmallows 

a friend is like a waterfall
giving again and again
quenching thirst
cooling tongues

an orange lily
white rose
yellow daisy
purple iris

a friend is like a green leaf
fresh and bright
a blanket of snow
with footprints all over

a fingerprint on my heart
smiles to keep me going
a hug when I need it
or when I don't

a friend cannot be
described exactly
but I hope that
I've done alright

Little Laptops - Little People

Little laptops on a skyscraper
Little laptops made of silly putty
Little laptops on the sidewalk
And they all look just the same
There's a Dell one, and an HP one
And a Gateway and a Toshiba
And they're all made out of silly putty
And they all look just the same

All the people in the skyscrapers
All the people on the sidewalks
They're all made of silly putty
And they all type on the laptops
They walk and they talk
While they type on their laptops
Little people, little laptops
And they all look just the same

There are secretaries, and there's paper-pushers
And accountants and managers
And they all sit in cubicles
Staring at screens all day
There's a Dell on and an HP one
And a Gateway and a Toshiba
And they're all made out of silly putty
And they all look just the same

Little laptops in the skyscrapers
Little laptops on the sidewalks
Set on desks or inside bags
Of the busy little people
They went to the university
To make something of their life
But now they typ…

Two Friends for Tea

Dear Aberjab, he said to me,
"When do want me to come to tea?
I'll bring rhubarb, shall we sit by the sea?"
I gave to him a wave
And for a reply I curtsied
Smiled, and skipped on my way.

The morning was bright and fair
Warm breezes brushed through my hair
As I skipped down the path to nowhere
I hummed a little verse
About a little bear
As I jumped a puddle and held my skirts

Flowers grew along the way
Showing happy faces to the day
Turned heads to me as if to say,
"Good morning! How are you?
It's been long since we had a play."
I answered well and knew it was the truth

At my own cottage I plucked a bloom
Stuck it in my hair and picked up the broom
I needed to sweep and clean my room
For mother was coming
I need be ready by afternoon
So I worked while humming

And dear Aberjab, he came up the walk
Just at the chiming of the clock
Bearing with him several a stalk
Of rhubarb for me to make my tarts
I thanked him and asked him talk
He gave me a smile that warmed…

An Abstract Heart

Sink into the weightless
That floating room of bubbles
They kiss your cheeks
See those rainbows that dash against
Your heart and cut your chest
Like ice crystals
That shed blood
Just like the new day
When the sun rises to touch the stars
That fade into the everlasting

Glide on the frozen creeks
The stones that jar your footsteps
So no one even knows of your crossing
And the snowflakes melt
As soon as they reach the
Roaring fire of the underneath
The jagged gaping hole
Where secrets lie buried
Under gravestones
That rest on quiet hillsides
Where no one seems to wander

Pierce the glass wall
And watch the shards come tumbling down
Will they thank you
That you've set them free?
The tiny snow globes that rise on
Currents of the sea
They carry your dreams away
So as far as you look
You can't look back
Torrents prevent the awakening
On the thin shields of war inside
Don't forget!

Now in the ever after
Waiting for the sunset
Let the glow of lava melt your
Metal limbs
You can…


It was a crimson moon
On velvet tapestry
The stitched work of countless stars
Out there for all to see
It was a golden peach
Dancing on the sky
Rippling as a tiny pebble
Skipped merrily on by

It was an ancient book
Raw open in the weather
And many rings of ages past
That greeted passing feather
It was a tiny bead
On thin stretched silver string
Sparkles of a pastime slow
In candlelight, glimmering

It was an etched heart
Piercing song of oak
Just to show the girl
How tenderly he spoke
It was a fading light
Gave way to mist's rare gleam
In marshes thick or valley rich
My savoring, my dream


When you think of it
You'd better write it down
Because poems just appear

Will spontaneously pop into your mind
And splash onto your hands
The drops of water wet your feet
And you're halfway in

Sometimes they only trickle down your throat
... _
... _

Sometimes they play hide-and-seek
Or peek-a-boo
Whispering the first line
So that your thoughts are fixed upon it
You can't concentrate on anything else
Until you find the rest of that poem

Oftentimes it isn't satisfactory
That first line or verse was so perfect
But perhaps it seemed lonely
So you added to it
But those lines didn't come from the well in your soul

They didn't even trickle...down...your...throat
The water is sour and doesn't stop your thirst
Is it to go unquenched?
Poems just make you wait
They tantalize you
Dangle you on a string
And make muddy footprints in your brain

It can be frustrating
But to be a poet
Is to kn…

Conversation of Salvation

How can Jesus love me?

I’m a sick cracked up piece of junk
I’m an old torn tire in the trunk
I’m a failure
I don’t even care
I’m wasted and don’t even wear
The hope of a ray of sunshine

I’m nobody’s friend and a friend I am not
I ignore any help and I’m left here to rot
I’m a liar I’m a thief I’m a rat in the sewer stream
No wonder I make my soul scream
I’m a murderer of love I’m always in disguise
My life is a pile of lies

Have I ever truly once meant to give myself away?
And what do I even have to give?
I don’t even know if I posses a heart
Just trying to find it I’m tearing myself apart
I’m no success just leave me in the dust
Leave me here to rust
I’m not worth anything

Listen to me
You are not worthless
Would I create something like that?
This is how you describe yourself?
Why do you throw your life away?
How can I love you?
Because I made you
You are mine
I died for you

How can Jesus love me?
I'm a dreamer who's proud
I'd rather be loud
In sin
Than be holy
I'm …

This is not how I feel now, but I still wear masks

You Don't Know Me
You don't know how much it takes
To make it through the endless everyday
Showing a fresh face to disguise the pain
And everybody doesn't even know
How many times this mask of mine will grow
Although I rip it off at night it comes back in the morning

You don't know how much I fear
The life I lead makes me want to disappear
Giving everything I have takes it all
I say that these feet begin to tire
Struggling to find a way out of the mire
My mind is weary of putting up the walls

You don't know what's really inside
The past that haunts and fears that slide
Around in the back of my brain at night
Everything that ever was me
Is turning into a blinding disease
'Cause I don't if I'm all right

You don't see anything
Except what I want you to see
But the things that I show you
Aren't even really me

You don't know who I am
I'm too afraid to look in your eyes
The starlight that begs to be let out
Hidden behind my endless lies


If I Had A Brother

If I had a brother, we'd hang out all the time.
He'd be my closest confidant
I could tell him everything, we'd be best friends.
We would climb trees, explore creeks, whisper to the wind.

If I had a brother, and older brother
He'd always be ready to protect me
To give me advice, to give me love and hugs
I could trust him to treat me like a lady
He's be my gentleman friend

If I had a brother,
I would have him to explore the world with me.
We would make mistakes together,
Fall down together,
And pick each other up.

If I had a brother, he would keep me close to God.
He'd keep me on track, on the right path,
And I'd do the same by him.
I would pray with him and he with me.

If I had a brother, our lives would be entwined.
I would keep his secrets, and he would keep mine.
When I cried, he would hold me.
When he couldn't find the light, I'd hold him.

If I had a brother,
Life would be an even greater experience.
Joys would be shared together,
As would sorrow…

The Rain is Falling Down (Glory Falling)

There's just something
Something about the rain
Like it's washing
Washing everything away
When you get
Get up the next morning
There's a bright new
Bright new sunny day

As I look at it all so clean
I just can't help smiling

Thank you Jesus
Thank you for the rain
You I needed this
I can feel you washing my sins away
And I stand to see
The heavens falling down
With your glory
The rain is falling down
With your glory

I love walking
Walking through the wet grass
I love feeling
Feeling my feet in the mud
Again I thank you
Thank you for your cleansing flood
I'm grateful
Grateful for all that you've done

This rain as a symbol
Of your saving blood

Thank you Jesus
Thank you for the rain
You know I needed this
I can feel you washing my sins away
I stand to see
The heavens falling down
With your glory
The rain is falling down
With your glory

All this
All this
All this you've given to me
I will
I will
I will give it back as glory (3x)

Who I Am

I'm still struggling with this, but at least I know that I'm a daughter of the KING. I don't know exactly who the person is that I present to friends or to family or to different situations, but I think that with help I can find that out. Thanks so much for the hugs!

I think I can promise you
I'm not who I say I am
Everything I show on the outside
Making up for what I lack

I think I can promise you
I'm not someone to believe
Trust me when I say it
Don't think this person is me

The way I was
The way I used to be
So much sweeter, stronger
And so naïve
The way I used to think
The way I used to act
So much purer, prettier
Instead I wear a mask
I'm telling you now
You don't know who I am

I think I can promise you
Everything about me is a lie
Don't be fooled by my attitude
'Cause I'm just barely getting by

I think I can promise you
That if you saw my thoughts
You'd be surprised at
All the twisted ways I'm caught

The way I was
The way I u…

Inspiration for Writing

Usually you have all the thoughts, all the words, and just not the inspiration. But what about when you have all the inspiration and not the words. Or rather, not the ideas that you wish to convey, therefore not the thoughts you could form to convey those ideas. The words are slippery. They don't stick to your thoughts; words don't come with thoughts. For many thoughts are only ideas, pictures, concepts that your mind invents. And what is inspiration? What is it, but the same thoughts and words, from another source? Your mind is the artist's palette; let the paint mix to create new images. Let the clay spin on the wheel to form new structure. You say you have the inspiration but not the words? No such happening. Wake up! Grasp those feathers that float by, tantalizing you with sheen and glow. Reach to the clouds! The wisps will reform in your thoughts to meld with the colors of your ideas. They paint the picture for you in your mind. Let it out through you…

Purity - Beyond Us, Forgiveness - Within Reach

We can never achieve purity
O! To be be - pure
Be - clean
To be -------- holy
If I could only be ----
Unsoiled, untarnished, unstained
But I can't

You know
When you don't wash blood off right away
You can never be rid of it
It will stay, marking you

And I, I am such a sinner
My sins - like blood stains on my hands
I was not sorry at first
No, never!
I never admitted my guilt immediately
And now, I am left with these marks
Soiling me
Not just on my hands ----
But on my feet, my head, my heart
In my mouth

O! I want to spit it out
I try and I try…and I try
But I cannot be rid of it
The blood ----
Taints my words
Everything I speak
Whether in despondence
Or in exuberance
In hate
Or in love
The blood is still there
Tainting my very existence

With these stains on me
Weighing on my heart and mind every day
How could I ever be clean?
How could I ever attain purity?
And holiness ---- it is far out of reach
Farther than the farthest star

So I'm crying, crying
I'm weeping on my…

Princess of the King/Daughter of the King - can't decide which

When worries strike your heart
When fears nags at you
And you don't know what to do
When life is pulling you apart
When hope burns in the embers
Just remember

You're a princess
A daughter of the King
Receive his kisses
Sit at his feet
Hear His voice
Are you listening?
Give him your heart
He'll give you healing
Can you feel the love?
From your Father King

And you push away the stress
But the fear is still there
You can't fight all of this despair
You strive to do your best
But how much can you take?
You feel like you're falling away

You're a princess
A daughter of the King
Receive his kisses
Sit at his feet
Hear his voice
Are you listening?
Give him your heart
He'll give you healing
Can you feel the love?
From your Father King

Rain and wind
Demons tear at you
They try to pull you away
But no matter how hard they try
You can't be taken, why?

You're a princess
A daughter of the King
Receive his kisses
Sit at his feet
Hear his voice
Are you list…

A Clay Jar

Make me like a clay jar
With no holes so water
Can't run through
A vessel from the earth
Give me a strong foundation
My time of birth

Make me shine in the sun
My beauty will only
Reflect my maker
I'll be a symbol of your love
Set here on this earth
Like how you came from above

And if I shatter it'll be
Not because of you
But of me
I'll have stayed in the sun too long
Thinking myself more beautiful
When that's so wrong

If I let myself fall to pieces
Lord, pick me up
And don't throw me away
Put me back in the flames
It'll only hurt for a while
But then I'll be remade

Pride and Confession - an article for Teen Ink

I've been going to this camp twice a year the past couple of years called World View Plus, and it's become my battery charger for the year. After the first year, I've been a small group leader and God has really challenged me in different ways. I've done some devotions in front, and I'm doing another one this year.

If I could, I'd take an hour and go through everything God has been teaching me lately. But, I only have about 5-10 minutes, so I've been asking what He would like to share in particular. The topic that kept reappearing was pride and arrogance. I know that I've always struggled with pride, in the most stupid ways sometimes. Even when I'm know I'm being a loser or vain or selfish, I'm still proud, and it really affects me in all areas of my life, and not in ways that help. One thing that I've recently learned though, is that no only do I have pride in the way I think, but arrogance too.

Even though I know I'm only …


I didn't want to take that step forward
I wanted to stay safe in my own world
The outside seemed so frightening
Although rather enlightening
I just wanted to stay underground

My face was constantly hidden
Too afraid to see that I was bidden
To come forth and join a greater purpose
Use my voice to sing the healing chorus
I just wanted to stay underground

Inside my heart a jagged gap was hurting
It felt like endless flames were burning
I didn't know how to start to heal
I didn't know how to start to feel
I just wanted to stay underground

The road ahead seemed so rough
I didn't think that I had enough
The leap of faith in the right direction
Walking blind at first to find perception
I just wanted to stay underground

But my heart was wanting the healing
The brokenness was begging for feeling
My life was such a mess of lies
Bloody battles circled by the flies
I slowly came up from underground

The light at first hurt my darkened eyes
It filled my head with hope of new life

29 Days of October

This is a story that is kinda dedicated to my friend Kaiti Braun. I thought of the idea one day, then a while later came back to it, and wrote this bit. It's really stiff and formal, and although I want it to be like that a little bit, this is too much. But it's only in the first stages, so it's going to get edited. I'd love for you people to edit it for me too. This is a writing blog after all, not just a reading blog.

I stood before my captains in silence. My mouth stayed shut because I had nothing to say. In these past few months I had been away from the search, fighting. I felt like that was my place to be, in battle with my soldiers. Even though the search was for my own brother, I did not feel a link to him anymore. The certainty that he was alive now had faded from my mind. He could be dead, he could be changed. The latter was even worse. For if he'd been taken to our enemies side, and his mind converted to their dark thinking, whether by his wi…

The Forest Deep

Enter, stranger, into the forest deep
Be wary on your journey
From here to mountain steep
Lurking, quiet, in the shadows of the trees
Sits many an unearthly beast
Could give you cause to flee
Softly, stranger, treading on the moss
In this forbidden hollow
Where you dare to cross
Moving, silent, stirring on the wind
Echoes of some voices gone
Perhaps they are your kin
Stop, stranger, stand unmoving still
While deer pass in front of you
To lap water at the rill
Cautious, slowly, kneel beside the brook
Drink as much as you wish
Free for those who look
Now, stranger, be going on your way
Follow the low winding path
Be careful not to stray
Hurry, faster, do not once look back
Until you leave the forest deep
On that lonesome track

I Knew the Muffin Man

I know the Muffin man
He lives on Drury Lane
I used to visit his house
And peek at the window pane

The glass was hard to see through
So I never got a good look
But I could just make out his shape
And that of his recipe book

When I was little I stood on tiptoes
Then I grew and could stand straight
I no longer crept through a hole in the fence
But came in through the gate

One day the Muffin man caught my eye
As I watched him stir and bake
He opened the door and invited me in
To try a piece of his cake!

From that day on we were best friends
The Muffin man and I
I'd help him with his baking
And sample all of his pies

We went on several picnics
And ate muffins by the sea
We took some to the poor children
Giving them away for free

He would tell beautiful stories
Of dolphins, whales and mermaids
I would help him act them out
And pour the lemonade

We were a rambunctious pair
The Muffin man and I
That is why it makes me sad
To tell you that he died

All the years I spent with him
Are treasu…

After They All Died

Even though I don't have any actual experience with this, I was watching trailers and clips for movies that have war in them, and I just got to thinking. Those kind of movies or tv shows always kinda impact me, and those clips inspired me to write something for those who do know what I'm talking about. I don't know that it's my best work, but it's heartfelt.

War is the time to smile
Fighting is when you laugh
Because you see all the blood
And you first witness death

War is the time for sorrow
Losing marked by the tears on your face
Because of devastation
Brought on that wretched place

Everything inside of you
Was ripped out as you cried
Surely you can't go on
After all your friends have died

After the war is memories
Remembering all those times
Because if don't keep the treasures
Depression keeps your life

After the war is the funerals
And flowers set on the graves
Kneeling and weeping and asking why
They're gone and you were saved

When everything ins…

Sky Air River Sea

Expanse of watery blue

Float, float, float in little beads of moisture

Like lace in the air - mist

Balanced on a pebble's reflection

Flow, flow, flow in never-ending circles

And time has no meaning

Colors shimmer delicately

Fall, fall, fall through the waves

Where rainbows make beginnings

A deep sighing

Follow, follow, follow the heart's cry

As breath calls you home

Sky meets air meets river meets sea

Jesus, Jesus

Life can be a struggle
And the skies overcast
Although you are trying
You cannot find your rest
All the weight of the worries
Falling on your shoulders
Every day is a battlefield
You are the weary soldier

Jesus, Jesus
How he loves us!
Feel the warmth of his love on your face
Jesus, Jesus
How he loves us!
Feel the warmth of his embrace

Life is so much sweeter
When we live for him
Knowing he is the master
Declaring he is the king
Everything you doubted
Now is perfect truth
He is the way and the life
Living inside of you

Jesus, Jesus
How he loves us!
Feel the warmth of his love on your face
Jesus, Jesus
How he loves us!
Feel the warmth of his embrace

Life is full and overflowing
When we hold his hand
Even when we take up his cross
We can know it is the better plan
Although striving continues
We strive toward the sun
Heaven is the end of the road
Living forever with the son

Jesus, Jesus
How he loves us!
Feel the warmth of his love on your face
Jesus, Jesus
How he loves us!
Feel the warmth…

Promised Poems

First off, I just wanna say that my screen name on Teen Ink is now "HisPurePrincess" but you can't search on that. However, you can search on any of my poem names, and underneath the title on the page for that piece, it gives the author's name. Under that is a link that says: See more by this author. If you click on that, you can see the full list of what I have up on the site. Okay!

I said I'd put some poems up, well, here are a couple that go together.

Questions to Answer

What does it take to make life from the ashes?
How can a body burned come back to life?
In a field of death and desolation
How do you measure what living is worth?

What matters most in a heart of stone?
The bleeding center of a soul so cold
Rejection and terror is all that is known
Tell what it takes to make it on your own

What does it take to pay for a life?
What does it cost to spark a new light?
Among the graves where you silently tread
Somber bleakness cannot awaken the dead

What in th…

So sorry

Hey, I'm so sorry that I haven't written in forever. My "family safety filter" wasn't working properly, so it wouldn't let me see this blog, even though it's mine! However, I just upgraded to Windows 7, so now my computer is working a whole lot better, though things are zoomed up a little and I'm not sure why. At least google chrome seems to be working all right. I've tried so many times to keep a journal, you know, and failed. I collect journals, and when you have so many, it's hard to write in them all. Okay, so why don't I start one and then finish it? 'Cause I'm crazy, that's why. And I start my sentences with because and words that you're not supposed to start sentences with. I don't care. I'll post some poems tomorrow, okay? It's late.