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Empty Hands

I've been sitting here on my hands 'Cause when I let them out They do such destructive things I've keeping all my cards close 'Cause when I put them down They bring bad luck and tempting flings
And I'm holding myself at bay 'Cause my heart likes to run away With anything, or anyone that sways it It's hard enough to look through glass To see beauty and bounty and pass Pass it all up for nothing and empty hands
I'm sitting on broken bones I'm walking on broken glass I'm holding my screams inside I'm wishing love would come at last I'm throwing silent tantrums I'm burning up all my plans I'm sitting here with broken bones And beat up empty hands
I've been walking down memory's lane 'Cause when it's hurting I can pass through the pain I've been watching my life go by 'Cause when I look up too far I'm prompted by false hope to cry
And I'm trying hard just to run In a new and fresh direction Towards some light at the end of tunnel A…

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The Dearest Thing

Something is blowing down from the eastern sky Up where the sun is awaking and spilling light Arriving on breezes that tickle our cheeks Making butterflies flutter just out of our reach
And we're sailing on the ever blue sky On a tuft of cloud beneath the sunshine And holding your hand is dearest thing I've ever done, or ever seen
Something is whispering out from the woods A shiver and sliver of something too good To be seen with mortal eyes, so we can't find But a piece of it, and it's in your eyes
And we're skipping along on old mossy trails Where up through the dirt the snowdrop prevail And holding your hand is the dearest thing I've ever done, or ever seen
Something come shooting out of the sea It's quick and it's silver like a beautiful ring That hums on my finger, its own little song The song of together, and the sea sing along
And we're swimming in an ocean of ink All your letters got wet but I know how you think And holding your hand is the dearest thing I've …