You're Family

So, you're kinda special to me

Not sure how you could miss the attacking hugs
And my crazy attitude
Or how I sometimes blow you off
Then act like you're the best person in the world
'Cause in that particular moment in time
You are

You're more than a friend to me

Not sure how you could miss my familiar talk
I say, "I love you"
And I mean it
But I mean it in the right way
For right now

You're like my favorite book

Not sure how you would react if I said that to you
But I mean that I love to read you
And pour over your pages
And devour the words you say
Your cover in worn with how many times I've handled it
But it's still beautiful

Is there a name for this wacked-out deal of a friendship?
Probably not, and I'm not going to make one up
Just know that you're family to me
And then everything's all right


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