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This story was inspired by this short, short film by Joshua Chislett: LIGHTS

The sun had almost full set beyond the hill when he found me.  I'd dared to hope, and now, he strode toward me.  His legs ate up the ground like always but still it seemed an ageless moment before they stopped a few feet from my knees.  My knuckles clenched the dry grasses encased in my fists until I realized I couldn't feel them anymore.  With an effort, I released the grass, looking up at gangly-limbed boy in front of me.
I licked my lips - no words escaped.  He stayed silent, as if only a sound from me could break the glass between us.  My mind searched for the right thing to say - no words surfaced.  One hand broke off more grass to crumble in my fist.  Our eyes stared into the other's soul like all the words in the world could be found there, and read, and understood.  Slowly, gangly legs folded onto the ground and my eyes lowered with his.
Again, I forced my fist open and scraped the torn bits …

Old Stuff #7 Dancing With the Faeries

It's the song of night
That draws me in
The haunting sounds
Carried on the wind
I'm caught up
To dance with faeries

Snowflakes on my tongue
Now I'm singing
Eyes shut in rapture
My arms are flinging
Frost through the air
Dancing with the faeries

Beneath my feet
A blanket of white
In the dark I see
Magic of starlight
Mist is creeping in
Between the dancing faeries

Even the trees
Are smiling through
The midnight fog
They're laughing too
I find myself so happy
Dancing with the faeries

I don't want the sun
Morning can't break
This night has been lovely
I don't want to awake
In the stillness of the edge
The dance of faeries

The dancing stops
Unaware I carry on
They carry me away
Before the dawn
Cradled in the rosy light
Faeries dance me home

I would think
It was all a dream
But for the faces
I saw in my half-sleep
Tonight they'll come for me
I'll be dancing with the faeries

It's the song of night
That draws me in
The haunting sounds
Carried on the wind
I'm caught up again
To dance with faeries

Old Stuff #6 Don't Run With Scissors

I know my Momma said it was dangerous
But I ran with scissors today
I was angry and frustrated
Wanted my way
Just stomped away from a fight
About nothing
Only me trying to be right
And I grabbed up a pair of scissors
That were lying on my desk
And ran, ran, ran far away

And nothing happened
I jumped in a few mud puddles
To make myself feel better
Work through the muddle
That I like to call my brain
Ordinarily sane
Today, some wires just weren't connected
I ran with scissors
My mistake

You know you always think
It's gonna be fine like it was before
But just as I was coming through the door
I tripped
There's a step there that I missed
And those scissors
They jabbed me
Skipped my fingers and went for my knee
Left an ugly slice in my jeans
That's what you get for running with scissors

'Course my Momma fixed me up
Got a band-aid and washed out the cut
It didn't really hurt so much as my pride did
Maybe next time before I get so angry
I could think things through carefully
Some things aren't wort…

Night is Not for Sleeping

There's gotta be something
that wakes me up
from the solid dark of night

The crickets are loud when
I try to fall asleep
but not when I wake up

As I lie on my bed
thinking thoughts
of how I'd love to be unconscious

My brain gets up
without me and moves
out to Wisconsin

There's gotta be something
in the dark that
feeds into my mind

A force or a nudge
that breaks through my rest
and leaves me restless all the time

My legs can't walk me to sleep
or even to the bank
of the sleepy bridge

My eyes might be closed
but my brain won't shut down
the button's frozen

What's wrong with wanting to sleep?
did the moon proclaim
that sleeping is insane

Why can't I ever fall right back to sleep?
did my eyes revolt
and steal my remote

And now I'm a captive
a puppet on a string
I do as I'm told without arguing

Night is for sleeping
so I have thought
clearly it's what I haven't got

So I'll just settle down
now my brain's back in town
and try to drift off

But the sirens are blaring
my subcon…

Old Stuff #5 I Met a Horse in the Silent Darkness

I'm walking over the edge
There's a long darkness beneath me
I grab the last handhold of the ledge
Before I lose my feet

Then I'm falling and falling
Rushing through empty space
Even though I am calling
It's like my voice has been erased

I hit the ground with lifeless force
Silence all around me
I see the shape of wild horse
The only living thing I see

For long moments I cannot move
Until the horse nudges my hand
I grasp his mane and gentle reproof
Before I'm riding from the land

There should be wind through my hair
And adrenaline in my veins
But the dark around me is bare
So stark and cold that it drains

I ride until I can no more
When I fall my horse leaves me
I feel for strength that I had before
To climb the nearest maple tree

My legs are weary and trembling
I can't find a way to walk
And when I try remembering
I forgot that I cannot talk

A silver ring on my finger
Shines in a sudden light
A lantern far away glimmers
And I can run away into the night

Old Stuff #4 I feel Purple inside

I feel like my soul is purple
And it would rhyme with orange
Then suddenly it was silver
Because everything was turning over
And over,
And over,

I feel like my heart is grey
And it would rain on my hands
Then after dinner it turned into shadows
That ran away
To be seen again

But my mind, oh…
My mind is rainbow
So rainbow that violet is greenish red
And blue is truer than thoughts in my head
The blood in my veins
(and arteries)
So I'm pale
Like white,
Like snow,
Like white
A fairytale,
You know

I feel like my fingertips can glow
And the soles of my feet
Like my cheekbones are tired
They're velvet,
And worn,
And torn,
And eager to lie down and rest

I feel as if the rhythm inside me
The thumping and pounding
Of lots of thoughts screaming
The fireworks, anger
The daisies, my happy
And blue truer,
And greenish red,
Like blood that pumps through
My head…

Is purple, or violet, or indigo
And that,
Is me.

Old Stuff #3 Requiem of a Heart

It's at night when I'm alone
When I look up I can see the stars
It's at night when I'm alone
When I look down I can see my scars
And I feel myself going into the dark
With the sound of the beating of my heart

My heart, it beats so slowly
Hesitant, wondering where it's going
And my heart beats faster
As I'm pulled to travel ever further
Into the beyond and to the end
I cannot reach beyond the end

My heart, it beats again, slowly
Hesitant, wondering where I'm going
And I look back at my scars
And hear the pounding, thundering
The beating of my heart
Beating faster, even further

I reach into the nothingness
I reach beyond the brokenness
And I feel my heart, it beats
And I feel myself breathe
I see, after the dark
I see familiar stars

I'm in the night, all alone
And I look around, I am cold
I see glowing lights ahead
Eagerly, I leave my bed
Adrenaline, it rushes to my head
I am softly creeping nearer to my death…

And my heart beats again, so slowly
And I wonder where I'm going
And I p…

Old Stuff #2 Thoughts of Light and Night

It's twilight
A violet-hued shade of air
Misty glow of ending sunshine
It's nearly night
Frost creeping in on silent feet
Traces of autumn fade

In the twilight
In the violet air
Through the dusky evening
I see a season ending
I see a season swiftly moving
To replace the one that's gone

After a bird's call
A last farewell
On graceful wings they fly away
I know it's not forever
But as I watch I cannot help
But feel alone

It's nearing midnight
I stand in the moonlight
My eyes catch the starlight
I capture the glow
And weave myself a winter coat
I'll shine as I dance in the

First snowflakes falling
I catch one on my tongue
It tastes of cold and shivering
Inside my winter coat
I am warm in the dark
The midnight holds me close

After a shooting star
I throw my wishes to the breeze
And watch them fly away
In the echo
My song of joy lingers
I dance the night away

In the black of night
Under the moon
In the companionship
Of lonely trees
And lonely wind sounds
I am happy to stand

Silence of winter
The kisses o…

Old Stuff #1 Murder in the Forest

It was a tiny whisper
Urgent and echoing
That swept through the trees on the wind
Silent and shadowing

It was an unheard sound
Like rhythmic humming
Pounding on the hollow fallen trunks
Leaving drumming

It was a single drop
Of dirty soiled rain
Poisoned by a traitor's blood
Left there to stain

It was a glint of metal
Lying in the grass
The life of whom it had stolen
Pale as empty glass

It was a mourner's cry
Taken up by the creatures
Wolves and birds and foxes sound out
The pain upon her features

It was her lifeless face
That broke the many hearts
Of those who dared to look upon
The sweet and long departed


One mouth, two feet One life, a dream A thought, a word A whisper unheard Two knocks, three heads One light, silent treads A measure, a call A hole in the wall One voice, two hands One plea, a demand Four curses, a sigh A retreat, no sign One heart, one song Ten fingers, two palms A long day, a night A return to the light

Reposts #7 A Night for Dancing

It's a night for dancing
When the moon and stars are smiling at me
The grass is slippery beneath my feet
Rain has just come to wash nature clean

The river has risen and churns over the fall
When I shout it's still hard to hear myself
My laughter echoes with the mirth of happy trees
They shake their leaves dry in the wind

It's a night for dancing
When the forest is quiet and still
All creatures are asleep in their beds
Watched over by the dusk turning to dark

The air is still for a moment
Then it whirls around me
Pulling the ribbons from my hair
Tugging at my dress for a dance

It's a night for dancing
Dancing with the faeries
They whisper in their hollows
They sing from the tops of trees

It's a night for frolicking
For tip-toeing through the glade
When the mist of twilight floats over the ground
Moss makes it soft for your feet

I have always wanted to see the faeries
I see the sparkles from their magic
I hear their silvery laughter
Once I even touched a faerie's…

Reposts #6 Night and Morning

I looked out my window
And gazed at the stars
They shimmered and glowed
Although off so far
I reached out my hand
As if to caress
Before I reached back
And laid down to rest

I closed my eyes
And fell into sleep
Dreamed of summer skies
And birds that peep
The breezes that rustle
Through the trees
And the bustle
Of busy honeybees

I awoke next morning
And saw the sunrise
Rosy light cavorting
Across the pale blue sky
I stretched and arose
And kissed the new air
Peeked out my window
Wind played with my hair

Which is more lovely
The night or day?
Which deserves more loving
I cannot say
I love how sun
Smiles with light
But I love how the moon
Kisses me goodnight

Whether asleep
Or if I am awake
I gaze and dream
At stars or dawn break
Both fascinate me
Both have their charm
Night is cooling
Morning keeps me warm

I looked out my window
And gazed at the sky
The blue was deepening
Time to close my eyes

I close my eyes

Reposts #5 You are like summer

Ripples are like clocks
And daisies are like spots of sunshine
Fireflies are like glimpses of hope
And blushes on your cheek
Like the first rose that opens to the heat of June

A summer sky is like happiness
And a full moon is like perfect pearl
Sapphires are like your eyes
And the glint of mischief that sparkles
Like a light on a stream betrays ordinary stones

Books are like doors
And blank pages like new mornings
Hummingbirds are like children laughing
And the touch of your fingers
Like the touch of petals on my legs in the meadow

Reposts #4 Inside a Heart

Sink into the weightless
That floating room of bubbles
They kiss your cheeks
See those rainbows that dash against
Your heart and cut your chest
Like ice crystals
That shed blood
Just like the new day
When the sun rises to touch the stars
That fade into the everlasting

Glide on the frozen creeks
The stones that jar your footsteps
So no one even knows of your crossing
And the snowflakes melt
As soon as they reach the
Roaring fire of the underneath
The jagged gaping hole
Where secrets lie buried
Under gravestones
That rest on quiet hillsides
Where no one seems to wander

Pierce the glass wall
And watch the shards come tumbling down
Will they thank you
That you've set them free?
The tiny snow globes that rise on
Currents of the sea
They carry your dreams away
So as far as you look
You can't look back
Torrents prevent the awakening
On the thin shields of war inside
Don't forget!

Now in the ever after
Waiting for the sunset
Let the glow of lava melt your
Metal limbs
You can't…

Reposts #3 Dream

It was a crimson moon
On velvet tapestry
The stitched work of countless stars
Out there for all to see
It was a golden peach
Dancing on the sky
Rippling as a tiny pebble
Skipped merrily on by

It was an ancient book
Raw open in the weather
And many rings of ages past
That greeted passing feather
It was a tiny bead
On thin stretched silver string
Sparkles of a pastime slow
In candlelight, glimmering

It was an etched heart
Piercing song of oak
Just to show the girl
How tenderly he spoke
It was a fading light
Gave way to mist's rare gleam
In marshes thick or valley rich
My savoring, my dream

Reposts #2 If I Had a Brother

If I had a brother, we'd hang out all the time.
He'd be my closest confidant
I could tell him everything, we'd be best friends.
We would climb trees, explore creeks, whisper to the wind.

If I had a brother, and older brother
He'd always be ready to protect me
To give me advice, to give me love and hugs
I could trust him to treat me like a lady
He's be my gentleman friend

If I had a brother,
I would have him to explore the world with me.
We would make mistakes together,
Fall down together,
And pick each other up.

If I had a brother, he would keep me close to God.
He'd keep me on track, on the right path,
And I'd do the same by him.
I would pray with him and he with me.

If I had a brother, our lives would be entwined.
I would keep his secrets, and he would keep mine.
When I cried, he would hold me.
When he couldn't find the light, I'd hold him.

If I had a brother,
Life would be an even greater experience.
Joys would be shared together,
As would sorrow…

Reposts #1 Just Thinking

I was thinking that if I were standing
In the middle of a crowd
And you were looking for me
You'd be blinded by the noise
And by the sound
Even if I shouted and
Tried to be clear
You wouldn't hear me
You'd still be there
And I'd be here
The sky above is blue
And the grass below is green
But those distinctive colors are blocked
By the air that's in between
It's brown and muddy foggy
That's why we lose our way
And can't find all that we're looking for
The songs to sing and words to say
And in the millions billions
Of people in the world
What are the chances
Of picking one shy girl?
To be the leader
Person speaker
That can command attention
There's no reason I'd be picked
Even if, I'd hand in my rejection
I don't want to be a great
Or anybody bigger than pencil on a slate
Things make their own worth
They can decide their own weight
I don't choose to make decisions
I'd just make fumbles, collisions
In my mind I'm even tinier