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Blood Iron

Why are you bending down, low to the ground
Trying hard to dig iron from the earth
Why are you kneeling, head to the ground
Fingers bleeding into the earth

Why are you weary, why don't you speak
You haven't lungs to catch your breath
Why are you working, why don't you speak
Soon you'll have bled yourself to death

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Out in the sun, and no tears to cry
No one to call on, no one to blame
Running, seeking your own name

No place to call home
You never know, you never know
Too much iron to grow
Too much blood blood to flow
You never know, you never know
No place to call home

No rest for your bones
You never know, you never know
Too much iron to grow
Too much blood to flow
You never know, you never know
No rest for your bones
No place to call home

Where the Rain Falls house




Good Thoughts (in easy-to-remember form)

Passion doesn't just belong in the heart, it also belongs in the hands.
-- it's good to have a passion, but it doesn't mean too much if you don't do anything with it.

Don't let your dreams escape.
-- God gave you the ability to dream, so use it.

Don't confuse dreams with goals. Goals are necessities; dreams are accessories.
-- You need to have realistic goals to carry out in the real world, but that doesn't mean you can't bring along your pretty, red balloon.

If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk about it.
-- pretty self-explanatory.

Your ability to see beauty never changes. It's up to you whether to look for it or not.
-- the beauty God has bestowed upon this world doesn't go away. If you think there's no beauty, you've probably been walking around with your eyes shut.

When everything around you is burning, be the rain.
-- Chaos doesn't clean itself up. The Enemy would love it if we let entropy take thi…

Ruth Notes

Sacrifice shows loveHumility brings honorAs self-led life can prove disastrousBitterness causes complacencyPerseverance is noticeableDetermination to follow God brings about his blessings (on you)To appear rightly before man is to appear rightly before GodThe redeemed are blessedChildren are blessingsPraise God for the good since you didn't make it happenThere's no such thing as an outsider to God; we're all welcome to shelter under his wingsSelfless love is the first step toward any right relationshipWe are witnesses/need to be witnesses to our own redemptionDon't run after the young, pretty one with their head in the clouds; wait for the man of God's choosingWe get to marry our redeemer too!God uses the small, untalented and broken people to give him glory

Do What We Do

I can't do all those amazing things you can do,
but that's okay because it's what you can do.
And you do it and there's just a little more light,
a little more color in a lightened up night.
I'll do my own thing because that's what I do,
because you're already doing what's best done by you.
And when we are doing the stuff we do best,
we'll have done our part and the colors do the rest.
The world is filling up with beauty and art,
and all because we did our own things from our hearts.