Words for a Poem

It's hard to force a poem
It's hard to find the words
When you most need them
When you're disturbed
It's hard reach the switch
Of the light bulb in your brain
When you're searching through
Your back files
For happy memories to block the pain
It's hard to pick up the pencil
And make the sounds come out right
Make the flowing lines of script
Echo back in the night
It's hard to give description
Of that single thought in time
When the words came through so fast
Then they've gone from your mind
It's hard to catch the shadows
That creep in your dreams
The subtle hints of color
Like coffee and the cream
It's hard to find the picture
Of what you want to say
When the words that you're looking for
Just seem to fade away
Right when you set your hands
Upon the empty page
Your fingers want to roll with feelings
But instead there you sit
And stare
And age


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