Fan Fiction

I've done it. I've fallen into the web. I used to be skeptical about fan fiction, but now I'm hooked. Nobody can beat the original author's way of creating a world, but it's so much fun to romp around in them. It's awesome see, because I get to have adventures in cool places, without having to think up all the background stuff! I'm into Harry Potter still, but I'm also in a Tortall mood. I've started a story of my own, and I'll be putting it up on Wattpad, a chapter at a time. I'm so excited! I thought stories had to be extensive, but I've seen ones just about 20 pages, or 3 or 333.

This is going to be epic. I've read this one awesome fan fiction about Lily and James Potter in their seventh year of Hogwarts. It's so cool, I loved it and stayed up till like two in the morning to read it. I'm posting the link for you, seriously, if you look HP, read this!

Crossroads - a Lily James fan fic

Also, my Wattpad account -
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