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The Heart

The heart doesn't just beat inside the chest It's not just a muscle pumping blood   that sends oxygen to our cells so we don't keel over and die It's not just creepy kissing teddy bears   that you wish you had never seen at the drugstore And it's certainly not just two people feeling desperate   and sleeping with each other, enjoying it,  and then thinking that they're "meant to be."
The heart beats in time with the ocean, with the thunder and rain It beats for the young man, the old man, the man yet to be It beats in the desert, under smoldering sunny skies It beats in the jungle, in the heavy heat and hunger for air It beats on the mountaintop,   where winds whistle and the world feel so much bigger It beats under a starless sky, on a moonless moor, in mellow meadows.
It's rhythm can be felt in the shadows,   in the secrets, in the sorrows and the screaming It can be felt in open air, cotton clouds, in the laughter,   in the light an…