Why I Write

If I write to inspire, do I really dare believe?
If it's only my opinion, do I still try to succeed?
If all I wanted was the pats on the back
I should take it all back
And go back
To the beginning

If I write to expand on a point, do I really think what I say?
If it's only my fingers venting on the keys, do I really want to stay?
If all I want is to get out
I should back out
And head out
To another place

If I write to share joy, do I really feel that joy inside?
If it's only an act, do I really need the exercise?
If all I wanted was to give a fake smile
I should take back the smile
And smile
For real next time

If I write because the Spirit is in my hands
I write to give encouragement
I write to share the blessing
Share the peace
If I write because joy and inspiration are in my fingers
Then I write with a purpose
Write with a reason
I write to give meaning
To those endless every days
The endless same pace
The meaningless ways to fade

If I write because He tells me to
Then I fulfill my own purpose
To serve