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Things Without Names

There are things without names That we dream in our sleep That we taste on our tongues Sometimes cold, sometimes sweet
There are feelings and memories That grow under our skin That know all the answers And keep them locked within
There are things without names That creep in the dark Restless and yearning For the morning skylark
There are colors that hover Just out of our reach We're grasping at rainbows We learn, and we teach
There are things without names That live in our minds That manifest in daydreams And take up all our time
There are patterns of shadows There are footprints in sand There are waves of exhaustion After tugging at your hand
There are things without names Let them continue untouched Let them always be unnamed Sometimes names are too much

Sometimes just a whisper Is all that you might need An arm around shoulders And an ear for a story

Sunsets and Thunderstorms

"It's just a sunset!"
"Yeah, it's  a sunset, and it happens every day but that doesn't make it any less beautiful."
"Yeah, so it's beautiful every time. Nothing new."
"Wrong. It's a different sunset every day."
"My point is, there will always be a sunset, and if it's beautiful every time, when spend time looking at it every day?"
"Because. Eomma taught me to always search for the beautiful and treasure them. Then, when you only see the ugly things, you have all those beautiful memories."
"Can't we make beautiful memories not necessarily looking at the sunset?"
"Of course we can. It's just that we can also make beautiful memories staring at the sunset. Look at this conversation. Now you know why I love sunsets so much."
"Because they're beautiful?"
"Because they're always beautiful."
"You're always beautiful."
"Mm, cheesy, but I like it.&qu…