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It’s dark in here.
I like it that way.
I like it when the lights are off and the darkness gives me space. 
In the absence of shadows I play with the wall.
He tells me I’m okay and it’s okay to fall.
The lightbulbs I can’t see, they tell me to shut up.
They say to go to sleep, that sleeping is a must.
Their cries fall on deaf ears
But not ‘cause I can’t hear.
Sleep is just my nemesis of sorts, something I chase without reprieve,
Something I hunger for and desperately need.
But while I wait for my eyes to close and brain to shut down and my body to rest,
I’m quiet in the darkness.
Just me and my thoughts here.
And the cries of the lightbulbs
And the temptation of fear.
But it’s been years,
Years! Since the dark frightened me.
We’re friends now, and that’s good, since sleep abandoned me.
I never had it, really

sometimes words; sometimes wonder

sometimes i don’t have words, and only wonder sometimes the current’s too strong, and pulls me under slowly, i drift until the morning comes and i’m hopeless, breathless, drying out beneath the dawn sometimes i’m quiet, and the birds sing for me sometimes i’m silenced, and the trees speak with breezes cautious, careful, i look where i put my feet but falling is easy when you’re always hiding sometimes i don’t have warmth, and only shivers sometimes i dread the night, and feel so bitter my blood is rushing through my body hot enough to freeze my heart and i can’t for the life of me find a way to breathe again lifeless, lying on the rocks beside the sea breathless again, my chest so still the whales are keening the evening cloaks me in mist and i disappear without a trace now i’m a star of stars, and not alone put against the black of night, shining stones i haven’t got a heartbeat but i am still alive i’m singing in the heavens and i know i’ll never die sometimes i don’t have words, a…


hold my hand
we’re stuck in a photograph
a memory
of a time not too long past
we’re holding on to what we used to have close your eyes
I’ll sing you a lullaby
we’ll steal the stars
and then paint the sky
we’ll ride the wind and hold on tight you and me
summers and winters
seasons pass
I’m counting on my fingers
of what used to be
you and me
breaking tradition
we rule the world
joy is our mission
of what used to be years roll by
we’re stuck in a photograph
holding on to a time not too long past