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Common words in Jani

I'm not so keen on tons of people knowing this language I'm still in the raw beginning stages of creating, so here's just a few words to make you feel special.

Tiska - please
Ayesh - thanks
Rorem - acknowledgement of thanks (you're welcome)
Mey - sorry
Kesa - "yeah"
Ey - "okay/hmm/well" affirming sound
Veranna - love
Di - yes
Ro - no

Enjoy confusing your friends!

I think too much.

Ink on my fingers, paint on my nose.
What I think, what I feel, nobody knows.
Dirt on my feet, rain on my hair.
Where I am, where I go, does anyone care?

Ink in my heart, paint in my mind.
What I think, what I feel, all axes to grind.
Dirt on my chin, rain on my cheeks.
Where I am, where I go, the future is bleak.

Inkstains and corncobs.
Mothballs and screws.
Old t-shirts, old lampshades.
I need something new!

Ink on my fingers, fresh from my pen.
What I think, what I feel, the gate is open.
Dirt on my feet, rain on my hair.
Where I am, where I go, I care, so there.

My rhyming really stucks lately.  I gotta go back to non-rhyming.  I just can't get these doodley rhymes out of my head!  Ten thousand thundering typhoons.

The Lonely Ghost

Starlight, moonlight, lightless sky Red sun, bleeding, here I lie Darkness shining, darkness falls Sunlight fading from the walls
Misty shadows, daylight flees Graveyard, gravestones, let me be Darkness creeping, darkness seeks What it wants is what I keep
Slowly, slowly, watch and learn Fuel the fire, let it burn Higher, higher, till it flies Flames go up until it dies
Harvest, reaping, autumn chills Falling, drifting, colored rills Thoughtful, wander leafless trees Aching, flee before the freeze
Empty barrows, empty beds Plenty more to fill the sheds Children running, children sleep Who they are is what I keep
Starlight, moonlight, lightless sky Red sun rising, here am I Darkness fading, darkness flees Morning dispels all unease
Under dark or daylight sky Graveyard, gravestones, here I lie

Never Leave

There are just some things that do not change Like the sun, the moon, the wind and the rain But I'm talking about things of the heart Some things that often seem to stop and start There are just some things we cannot choose Like letting go of what we shouldn't lose But I mean there are some things that will stay Some things that we can never truly push away
It doesn't really matter what we say Or what we choose to sometimes throw away He never leaves, he will never go It's something he always lets me know Unless I want to throw away the key That I know I gave to him already Unless I want to take it from his hand I'll always have a place where I can stand
And he knows what's in my heart before I speak So I'll never leave, I'll never leave, I'll never leave
There are just some words that can't be said Like darker things that leave me for dead I'm talking about saying what's not true It never feels right and you cannot move Frozen for seems like all of time Until…

Clara and the Doctor

One day I met a madman
With a blue box space ship
Told me I could travel through time
Anytime, anywhere, just take one trip
I peeked inside and I was caught
By the space in that blue box
And he was there, "Ready or not?"
I went away with him

I saw so many things
You would never believe
Sontarans, Daleks, Cybermen
Don't know how I kept my feet
Still here I am inside his ship
Begging him for another trip
He grins at me and off we zip
To who knows where and when

Am I going mad?
What did I just see
A planet dying, a fixed event
Not allowed to intercede
And he just passes through
Doesn't talk about what we just went through
Doctor, what's wrong with you?
How can you not see?

If we're all ghosts to you
What do you mean to me?
Are you really something special
Or just a passing dream?
Is this all for real
Or just happening in my head?
Am I in a time machine
Or am I home in bed?

Who are you, Doctor?
Doctor who? What do you do?
Save the universe,
One planet at a time