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Better than Tears:

I get so happy whenever you update, this is seriously one of my all time favorite fanfics! I fall in love with Jimin even more and more every chapter. He's like the friend I've always wanted. Looking forward to reading more :)

I'm not sure how to start this comment, i just know I really want to leave a comment because I want to support you and tell you how much I love this story. I'm not sure how to explain this, but the thing is, i'm not sure if i am depressed or not. I realize this probably sounds stupid but i don't want to be one of those people that says they are depressed when they really are not and says they are depressed when there are people out there who truly are depressed and struggling to go through their lives every second. I just know I can relate to this wonderful story and it brings me so much comfort late at night when i don't know what to do with myself. A lot of times I can't sleep and i just feel empty and need comf…

It's a Big Universe Pt.2

When they get inside the ship, Terran seals the door and leads Jace down the corridor. It might be a small ship on the outside, but some of the rooms have a spatial flux on them, expanding them into other-space pockets so there can be more space where there shouldn't be so much. Terran doesn't know how it works or why some rooms have pockets and some don't. He can't answer Jace when he asks. He can only shrug and say, "they came that way."
Jace seems skeptical about everything. Terran focuses on plugging in new coordinates for the autopilot so he can watch Jace watch the world disappear in seconds. His face is amazing. Earth the Second drops out of sight faster than a single breath, and Terran slows down the ship once they're out of orbit distance. Jace's eyes are big in his head and his mouth hangs open as he stares out the big window.
"It's so small," he says, hands pressed to the picture-glass, staring back at Earth the Second, that is …

It's a Big Universe Pt.1

For as long as he can remember, Terran has been drifting around the universe in a little spaceship, all alone.
The universe is a big place. There's a lot to see.
Terran visits all the stars in the Melodron System, where they've built a city out of a planet and there're walkways through space with trains that run faster than the speed of light. Terran went on one of them. It felt like he blinked and he missed out on a whole year. But space can feel like time sometimes. It gets a little confusing. His own spaceship can go pretty fast; it can even spatial-switch if he wants it to, but mostly he doesn't bother. It's not like he needs to go so fast anyway. Hyper-X is fast enough, like a blink, faster than light.
For a short time - or a long time, he's not sure - Terran used the spatial switch to get him places, just popping here or there, but after Merlin remarks on how much he misses by simply not flying past it, Terran stops. Using spatial-switch too much makes him …




It’s dark in here.
I like it that way.
I like it when the lights are off and the darkness gives me space. 
In the absence of shadows I play with the wall.
He tells me I’m okay and it’s okay to fall.
The lightbulbs I can’t see, they tell me to shut up.
They say to go to sleep, that sleeping is a must.
Their cries fall on deaf ears
But not ‘cause I can’t hear.
Sleep is just my nemesis of sorts, something I chase without reprieve,
Something I hunger for and desperately need.
But while I wait for my eyes to close and brain to shut down and my body to rest,
I’m quiet in the darkness.
Just me and my thoughts here.
And the cries of the lightbulbs
And the temptation of fear.
But it’s been years,
Years! Since the dark frightened me.
We’re friends now, and that’s good, since sleep abandoned me.
I never had it, really

sometimes words; sometimes wonder

sometimes i don’t have words, and only wonder
sometimes the current’s too strong, and pulls me under
slowly, i drift until the morning comes and i’m
hopeless, breathless, drying out beneath the dawn
sometimes i’m quiet, and the birds sing for me
sometimes i’m silenced, and the trees speak with breezes
cautious, careful, i look where i put my feet
but falling is easy when you’re always hiding
sometimes i don’t have warmth, and only shivers
sometimes i dread the night, and feel so bitter
my blood is rushing through my body
hot enough to freeze my heart and
i can’t for the life of me
find a way to breathe again
lifeless, lying on the rocks beside the sea
breathless again, my chest so still
the whales are keening
the evening cloaks me in mist
and i disappear without a trace
now i’m a star of stars, and not alone
put against the black of night, shining stones
i haven’t got a heartbeat but i am still alive
i’m singing in the heavens and i know i’ll never die
sometimes i don’t have words, and only wonder
sometimes …


hold my hand
we’re stuck in a photograph
a memory
of a time not too long past
we’re holding on to what we used to have close your eyes
I’ll sing you a lullaby
we’ll steal the stars
and then paint the sky
we’ll ride the wind and hold on tight you and me
summers and winters
seasons pass
I’m counting on my fingers
of what used to be
you and me
breaking tradition
we rule the world
joy is our mission
of what used to be years roll by
we’re stuck in a photograph
holding on to a time not too long past

dreams, whispers, fireflies

she is a city of lights
she is a million fireflies
she is a rainbow and she is a sunrise

she is golden afternoon
she is shining full moon
she is a hummingbird and she is a swoon

more than a whisper she sings it to me
lullabies sweeter than honey on the breeze
hopeful and haunting I'm waiting on dreams
she is all this and more to me

she is leaf fall in autumn
she is a wind down the mountain
she is a heartache and she is a pretty pain

she is a warm fireplace
she is affectionate nicknames
she is a ship and she is airplane

more than a whisper she sings it to me
lullabies sweeter than honey on the breeze
hopeful and haunting I'm waiting on dreams
she is all this and more to me

a sky full of stars
and sea full of waves
a hand full of fingers
and breath on the pane
outlines of hearts
frost in the cracks
whispers and lullabies
promises to last

more than a whisper she sings it to me
lullabies sweeter than honey on the breeze
hopeful yet haunting I'm waiting on dreams
she all these…

Harry Potter in Less than 500 Words

Harry goes to Hogwarts and becomes friends with Ron and Hermione. They figure out there's a bad guy at school. They go to stop him. Turns out it's Voldemort, the guy who tried to kill Harry when he was a baby. Harry saves the day and the year ends happily.

Harry goes to Hogwarts. Scary stuff happens, and it looks like Voldemort's back. Harry gets help from friends. He and Ron have an adventure. Harry saves the day. The year ends happily.

Harry goes to Hogwarts. Scary stuff happens, and the enemy turns out to be Harry's godfather, who actually is a goody guy. Harry and Hermione do some time travelling. The year ends happily.

Harry goes to the Quidditch world cup. Scary stuff happens, and at Hogwarts, the Triwzard Tournament ropes him in. Funny that. Some more scary and life-endangering stuff happens. Voldemort comes back, Harry's friend is murdered and the year ends tragically.

Harry is almost expelled from Hogwarts. There's a new teacher at school, a toad weari…

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