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The Little Girl

Under rosy cheeks of red
Is the tongue that stung and bled
When impatient teeth ran afoul
Of words impatient to be said

Behind cloudy eyes of blue
Is the soul too good to be true
When you listen to her secrets
She's bursting just to tell you

Inside tiny hands so pale
Paper cut from Mama's mail
Trembling to know the truth
Can't hide behind a veil

Love from such a tender heart
Enough yet to keep them apart
Young enough to hope forever
Old enough to know better

Under rosy cheeks of red
Tell her why her Papa fled
She'll wipe her eyes and turn away
No words left to be said

Untitled Lullaby

Birds sing, at sunrise
It's beautiful, open your eyes
Come with me to see the morning
Cold hands, heartbeats
It's a miracle, move your feet
Don't spend another second dreaming

The blood orange crests the hill
Warm your hands, you can't stay still
So run and run and run
Now the birds sing your song
You could listen all day long
But there are things to be done

In the coolness before the dawn
When your nightmares are finally gone
Open your eyes to see the morning
In the warmth of the new rays
When it's time to begin the day
Open your eyes to see the morning

Rest easy, night is near
Stars crowd the atmosphere
Come with me to see the evening
Draw the covers, snuff the light
There are no monsters here tonight
Let the pillow slow your breathing

The moon arises from the hill
Snuggle in to ward the chill
Just sleep and sleep and sleep

Birds sing their evensong
You could listen all night long

But now it's time to dream

In the coolness of the night
Send the shadows into f…

You've made me Indigo

My name is Indigo Like the breath of a skylark Like the hope in your heart Just before the dawn My name is Indigo Like the starry midnight sky Like the darkness in your eyes When the sun is gone
And nobody else understands me like you do Nobody else sees that I'm indigo through and through
My heart is indigo Like lightning in a storm Like the way you keep me warm When I feel so alone My heart is indigo Like the stomping of my feet Like the way I feel complete With you inside my bones
And nobody else understand that I'm so scared Nobody else sees that indigo is sometimes empty and bare
My blood is indigo Like snowflakes on my hair Like how you always care When I am crying My blood is indigo Like the colors in the autumn wind Like who I am when I pretend That I am dying
And nobody else understands the pain in my past Nobody else sees my secrets hidden in the dust
After all, I'm indigo The deepest, widest sea Who you want me to be No matter who I once was You have made me indigo Almost pure, almost innocent You…

Lovers and Lies

Stars burn and fade All ashes now the flame Let them crumble to dust And the sacred blade rust Forgotten in our hearts Stirred by sorrow's part Let it come to pass When the winter's gone at last
Twice tried, once played Now alone and unnamed What's been done and said Cannot resurrect the dead Beyond where the moon Stirs the sea and sits the loon There the raven waits the day When he chooses who will pay
A heart long broken cries No one doubts that she lies Begs another chance to try So far beneath the clouding sky Reaching for the sword Because he doubts her word Blood be spilt, breath be spent No more time to repent
Stars cross the galaxy With no thought for humanity He feels so alone In the place he once called home Now there's no one left No one saw when he wept Once weak, sword is strong And the raven is gone