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I'm Home

To think that we invented A new shade of happy A sort of white with more dimensions A better reality To think that you look at me And see someone with worth You make me so happy You make me feel like
I'm home, at last I've been searching so long For a place Not a name, just a feeling Where I know Without a doubt Finally, I'm home
To think that you can look at me Your eyes so full of fire You don't even need to speak I'm filled with this odd desire Just to be with you Just to know who you are Not to consume you Just be where you are
I'm home, at last I've been searching so long For a place Not a name, just a feeling Where I know Without a doubt Finally, I'm home
I don't even need your love I don't even need your words Just to sit by your side Best place in the world
I don't need to hold your hand I don't need you to hold mine Just to be by your side And look in your beautiful eyes
I feel like I'm home With you I'm home

Broken Things

You love to fix unbroken things They're fine until you cut their strings I wish you'd tell me everything That's going through your head
You love to break the window panes And cut yourself to know you're in pain I wish I knew what I could say To heal what's in your head
Then I'm the one that's falling down How can I turn the lights back on When you need me most Is when I need you And all the lights are broken too
I love to fix the broken things To heal the hurt and mend their wings I can't help them if you are missing I want to repair your heart
I need your help when I can't speak Your voice is strong when mine is weak But with both our tongues set on repeat We can't repair our hearts
And you're the one that's falling down I want to turn the lights back on You need me then And I need you too Together we can become new
You love to hang the lights in trees I love to see you so at ease With mended hearts, with stronger wings We'll fix the broken things

Spiral Down

Mannequin Money in Pleasure out - for a while Heroine Money in Pleasure out - in style
High regard Hopes fall hard Love in light Lust at night Tipping to the side All the world arrives To watch them spiral down Then kick them out of town
Harlequin Paper thin Hunger driven - to perfection American For the win Hunger driven - to infection
Low regard Feathers, tar Lust in light Love at night Fallen to the side All the world is blind To the endless spiral down
Down, down, down, down

Summer - inspired by Vivaldi

Summer, ever uncontrite
Bringing love to starry nights
Roses, posies show their face
Always filled with ready grace

Hand on heart and heart in mouth
Tasting new unspoiled youth
Forth the questing! Come what may
Lasting only for a day

Colors cover all the land
Savour our creator's plan
Tend, cherish, pluck and reap
Falling soon enough to sleep

Spring - inspired by Vivaldi

Spring, delightfully unaware
Blossoms merrily and without care
No hindrance save for lack of rain
But in advance it comes again

To soak the earth in heaven's gift
Whereby we may dig and sift
And sow the seeds which then may bless
Somebody's heart with gentleness

Then anon in twilight's hour
In another heav'nly shower
Dowsing spirits so as to revive
There anew the love of life