It Doesn't Matter (just wrote this)

It doesn't matter about expectations
Forget about previous failures
Or limitations
This is too big for hesitations
Reach out
With falling comes realization
Knowing what you have and are
Gives you reason for celebration
God does the rest
You are his creation

It doesn't matter what people tell you
This a thorn bush you have to push through
A knot of lies you have to undo
Remember who made you
How you were frail
How you grew
How you would fail
How you knew
He was the one to save you
He gave you love and mercy too

It doesn't matter what is your perception
This world has so many deceptions
They'll kill you with clever conceptions
First they treat you with affection
Like you're an exception
But it's all fake and soon
You'll face rejection
Cast out of their collection
Looking for a new direction

What matters is that God is amazing
Look how he's raising you back from the dead
You needed saving
So now you're praising
The King and Savior
Jesus, God, Holy Spirit
He cleansed your soul
And made you whole
Now you can see him
And worship him
And love him

It doesn't matter who, or what,
Or why you think you are
God made you to be HIS
That's enough

Dedicated to my friend Isaac, especially, but to all my friends and myself.