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I prefer the song that are unsung These I love far better than the other ones Unsung songs are secret things Hummed above tarnished diamond rings Melodies that resonate More in the bones than our mind state They are not the lyrics of the time Or of any time that comes to mind But rather of the hidden hours In between the sun and showers Empty pictures frames and vases Fancy words and dull catch-phrases
I prefer the songs that lie above our hearts And farther off beyond the stars Where no one knows the language of A simple sentiment of love And yet these are the songs we hold While working hard to strive for gold Further, they do not require words And more easily express joy or hurt
These are the songs I love to sing Because they encompass everything

Light a Candle?

Nobody sees into my soul But you You read me like a book 'cause You wrote it I don't know the ending but You surely do I don't want to know it but Could I see the next page? It's not like I stumble over Every word anymore I can read my own lines Without too much faltering I don't write too many corrections Corrections that lead me to Tumble down the letters My soul is a maze that I didn't make I know It's a temple for you to dwell I know Aren't I doing better? Aren't I keeping it clean? Dust doesn't settle there for long Could I see around the next corner? It's very confusing, bumping into people And things and ideas What am I supposed to do with them Besides set them on shelves? There's too may of them for me To know them all Surely you could leave a note every Now and then For a hapless wanderer to get a clue Couldn't you? I'll follow you no matter what I swear But do you think You could maybe Light a candle?

Just Another Song

I would love to sing you a song From long ago Tell how I loved you then Say that I love you now That I've loved you all along
I would love to paint you a picture Something forgotten Show you how I know your eyes And all the ways you smile That I known you since back then
Back then you saw my hair The way I walked without care You saw me scribbling In my journal but you Never asked what was in there
You'd watch me walking home Under a thousand stars You'd like the way I sang With the evening but you Never quite saw my heart
I want to take your hand And make you come away I want to hold you close Behind us dawn would come And we'd still be awake
I would like to sing to you Tell you secrets You can stroke my hair And whisper in my ear I'll tell you how you're perfect
You used to see my sketches And saw my paper cuts You liked what you saw Thought I was an artist That you could never get
You looked right past me Past my gaze I looked into your soul I saw an endless well You thought I'd never stay


His Praise

They love it when I sing my songs
And build my brothers up
They love my healing words and when
I help them get unstuck
They love my humble ways and
How I smile every day
And even though I love their praise
I really should shut up

'Cause all the songs belong to God
He helps me build my brothers up
He gives me healing words for those
Who want to just give up
I smile and they think that I am
Humble in my ways
But all my serving is in vain
If I don't redirect the praise

Back to my father
The one who gave me life

I love it when they see me sing
And help them when they fall
I love to tell them healing words
And help them hear God's call
I love to show my humbleness
By saying it's his holiness
I'll smile to their face
But underneath I crave their praise

But all the songs belong God
He's the savior for the fallen
He's the one with healing words
And gave me my calling
My humbleness is brokenness
When I forget his holiness
And when he speaks I hide my face
'Cause I took all his praise

Took it fro…

Young Warriors

We are the young We are naïve We don't belong We don't always see That we are strong We must believe We're the ones To make others see The world is wrong We are naïve But we are young And we're the ones who can fight
We're warriors We'll win the war If we will just hold up the light We stand on the rock On Almighty God We can shine brightly and strong We are the young
We are afraid We don't know ourselves We forget heaven And see only hell We don't see our strength In Jesus our Lord We see the devil Ruling the world We are naïve We think it’s over We think we're lost Caught in the fever But we are young And we're the ones who will fight
We're warriors We will win the war If we just shine the light We stand on the rock Our Almighty God We can be bright and strong We are the young

The Joyful Life

I believe there is a small inkling of a higher way which most ignore when thinking of ‘the good life.’  Most assume that life is a strict progression of choice to consequence, but within the area of Christian thinking, there is the extra dimension of the spiritual realm.  This is the dimension of the unseen, and it is the unseen rather than what can be seen, which is capable of making life “good.”  Because God is my unseen source, life can be not only “good,” it can be better.  I call this better life: joyful.             What does it mean to be joyful, exactly?  To understand joy, first we have to understand happiness.  People often mistake happiness for joy.  The difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is an emotion: a temporary feeling of euphoria or delight, while joy is a decision to delight in one’s current situation regardless of whether they feel happy, assuming joy is preferable to happiness.  Without some sort of outside source of delight, finding j…