A Friend

a friend is like a reed
bending and waving
an oak tree
standing strong

a chocolate ice cream cone
on a hot day
a fresh picked strawberry
still warm from the sun

a friend is like book
worn and read over and over
a favorite pair of shoes
worn and walked in

a hot fudge sundae
with rainbow sprinkles
a steaming cup of cocoa
with marshmallows 

a friend is like a waterfall
giving again and again
quenching thirst
cooling tongues

an orange lily
white rose
yellow daisy
purple iris

a friend is like a green leaf
fresh and bright
a blanket of snow
with footprints all over

a fingerprint on my heart
smiles to keep me going
a hug when I need it
or when I don't

a friend cannot be
described exactly
but I hope that
I've done alright