Night and Morning (Out My Window)

I looked out my window
And gazed at the stars
They shimmered and glowed
Although off so far
I reached out my hand
As if to caress
Before I reached back
And laid down to rest

I closed my eyes
And fell into sleep
Dreamed of summer skies
And birds that peep
The breezes that rustle
Through the trees
And the bustle
Of busy honeybees

I awoke next morning
And saw the sunrise
Rosy light cavorting
Across the pale blue sky
I stretched and arose
And kissed the new air
Peeked out my window
Wind played with my hair

Which is more lovely
The night or day?
Which deserves more loving
I cannot say
I love how sun
Smiles with light
But I love how the moon
Kisses me goodnight

Whether asleep
Or if I am awake
I gaze and dream
At stars or dawn break
Both fascinate me
Both have their charm
Night is cooling
Morning keeps me warm

I looked out my window
And gazed at the sky
The blue was deepening
Time to close my eyes

I close my eyes