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Supernatural Fan Fiction (what have I come to?)

"What the--?" Ree sat up, gasping for breath. Clinging to the wall, she got shakily to her feet.
"You okay?" Sam reached out a hand to steady her. Ree pushed off from the wall and all but fell into Sam's arms. "Woah, easy there. Here, sit, sit." He guided her to the portion of a dusty couch not covered by shards of glass.
"I'll be okay, you know that. Just," she flopped back on the sawdust covered cushions, "that hurt. Ah, that one hurt." Ree reached a hand up to her head. It came away red. She traced the cut gingerly; it had sealed and the skin was already beginning knit together again. "I can get Dean now."
"I'm all right."
Ree pulled herself up from the couch, glaring at Dean. "Don't be an idiot. Let me see your arm." She put her hands on the jagged cuts and closed her eyes. Seconds later, she shuddered and staggered back. "There. Now let's torch the place and go." She turned …

Name Creation #3

S-Z Sand Sea Shade Shadow Shard Shield Silver Singer Skull Smith Song Soul Spear Spell Spirit Staff Stalker Star Stone Storm Strider Strong Summer Sun Swift Sword Talon Tamer Thief Thistle Thorn Thunder Time Titan Walker Ward Water Weaver Whisper Wielder Wild Willow Wind Winter Wraith Wyrm

Name Creation #2

G-R Gem Ghost Giant Giver Gold Golden Green Griffin Hammer Hand Haven Hawk Head Heart Hex Horn Hunter Ice Iron Jade Jewel Leaf Legend Life Light Lion Lotus Mask Mender Mist Moon Myth Night Owl Pearl Petal Pyre Rain Rainbow Raven Red Rider River Rose Ruby Runner

Name Creation

Surname creation by combining two words e.g. "Skywalker"  The majority I got from the characters creator of Wizard101. A-F: Anvil Ash Bane Battle Bear Blade Blood Blossom Blue Boom Brand Breaker Breath Breeze Bright Bringer Caller Caster Catcher Chanter Cloud Crafter Crow Daisy Dark Dawn Day Death Dragon Dream Dreamer Dune Dusk Dust Earth Ember Emerald Enchanter Eyes Fairy Finder Fire Flame Flower Foe Forge Friend

A Universal Truth

Anytime you hear yourself saying, "I don't have a choice," you can be damned sure that, yeah, you do have a choice. It may be between two options with equally, potentially, disastrous results. It may be vague and unclear as to which one is wrong and whether either of them isn't wrong, and if so, which one is less wrong? It may be hard as hell to choose which option to take but you ALWAYS have a choice. And whichever one you choose, the results of it will be on your shoulders. You don't get out of the consequences, whether bad or good, just because the decision you made was on such a fine line you aren't sure which side you were on in the end. There's no such thing as "no choice."

Far Off Sort of Homesick

I'm homesick for faraway places For cities and skylines to get lost in For endless bridges full of lights And darkness held back by the life carrying on into the night I'm longing for the chatter and bustle For the smells and sounds of hustle And hurried feet and trampled toes I miss the endless interests The countryside and wilderness The dreams and love of loneliness A hopeful sort of cloudiness That keeps you wanting to return To explore, wander and learn Of pasts and histories I'm homesick for a far of place Somewhere my heart was left I needn't bring it back with me Only, Leave a Promise Of a longing loneliness In a populated wildness A city full of lights And love And life

The End/Goodbye

The Beginning
When they found me, I was unconscious, lying next to my mother. Her skin was very pale against the red carpet. You mightn't have noticed the oddity of a red carpet where we lay on account of the urge to try and save our lives, but it hadn't been very long, and it was still wet. Then the stark contrast between the carpet everywhere else and directly underneath us would be very apparent. You might've gasped. Your eyes might've traveled slowly up from the red carpet, all the way to the back of my mother's head. And then you might've screamed.
This is not a ghost story. It is not a tragedy. This is just my story, and until I died, it was a happy one. Everybody dies eventually, but the lives they lived are still full of stories, and most of them are never told. I love to tell stories, so here is mine. Just, please remember, although death is an end, it not The End.
The End This was my story. I still think it was pretty happy. I lived and loved well…

I want to stop.


I don't know if anyone's out there, but, hello! I've never been much for keeping a blog, like really blogging, or journaling or whatnot. Promised I made to myself are very easily broken. Promises I make to people are less easily broken, but still broken all the time. Strictly speaking, this is my writing blog, so it's supposed to be filled with stuff related to "my writing side," but since I deleted my other stagnant blogs that I never posted on, this could be a journalesque type blog too.

It won't happen, at least, not in any regular sort of way. Writing seems to be escaping me, or really, academic writing has. For several months I managed to suppress my creative instincts and didn't write fiction all that time. My poetry definitely got worse too. But now, now that I'm failing Comp, now my writing side has come back in, well, part force, but still, it's back and I don't know how to push it away again. I'm craving it so badly. My …

No More

I walk out into the waves I look out upon the sea The current pulling on my legs The current pulling on my feet No more! I say, no more! I cannot live this way With one voice calling me out to sea And one voice calling me away
I walk back onto the sand I turn and look upon the sea The wind is pulling on my hair The wind is pulling on my knees No more! I say, no more! It's hard enough to be brave With once voice trying to drown me And one voice that wants to save
Ocean, shore, I shout, no more! I won't be pulled along anymore Currents, winds, hopes and dreams I refuse to ever bend my knee I walk into the waves The current has no power The voice speaks through the rain I laugh, I will never cower