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Getting down to it and the Hero's Journey

Will I ever stop thinking up new story ideas and starting them?  No.
Will I ever put aside a new idea to write on an old one?  Yes.
Will I ever finish my first boo?  Remains to be seen.

My mind is on - dream.imagine.create - all the time.  So when I find some new idea, I have to write it down to work on later.  But does later even exist?  Dunno.  It'll be a miracle the day I finish the first chapter of Kalissa's Book and I'm satisfied enough with it to move on.  It has to be perfect.

Why?  Because this is basically my number one idea.  This was my first dream, my first world, and my first version of myself that I really continued to develop.  Kalissa is a part of me now, but the world she lives in keeps changing so much that I keep rewriting her story to fit into the world.  Really what I need to do, is find what story I want to tell, that is hers and can stay hers, and then fit the world around that.  What I'm trying to do with this book, is make it into Christian fan…