Ordinary Girl

I am just an ordinary girl
Living in a kind of extraordinary world
Chasing dreams to find the other side
Breathing hope and hoping not to be left behind
As the hurricane around me
Spins and twist so fast
Who I was or who I am
Isn't, cause nothing seems to last

Maybe it's an ordinary world
And I am not an ordinary girl
The dreams I chase aren't on the other side
The hope I breathe has already left me behind
And the hurricane around me
Has spun its final round
Who I was and who I am
All comes crashing down

I think am an ordinary girl
I think this could just be an ordinary world
Dreams can be chased to find another side
And hope will wait and not leave me behind
Still the hurricane around me
Moves through life the same
Who I was now who I am
Struggling to remain

Just an ordinary girl
In her ordinary world