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Life as a song

Life's better as a song
Not so much about the coming and going But always rolling right along Life's better when you sing Sure, it can't fix everything But it's balm for the cuts and soothes the wounds And yesterday's bruises will be gone soon
Well, the road is dusty and you want a drink So you clear your throat and think of better things When you sip your precious water Let it slip down nice and slow And let out the anxious notes That have been begging to show
Life's better with a song Maybe all those long high notes Draw out the end of the bitter lows Life's better if you sing I admit it's not much to me When my head hurts and my eyes sting But when I'm losing the battle against Everything, then, then the song goes on
Well, I took a shot for king and country And wound up naked on bloody gurney I thought about the life I'd led Decided against letting myself be bled So I let out the notes That had buried themselves in my throat And the birds all sang with me And somehow I …

I've named my villain!

So, here's my basic characters, in order of importance:

Name: Kyenna Sarrel Gender: girl Age: 17-18 Physical Traits: maroon brown hair, long in a braid, sea-foam green eyes, slender but not a stick, 5'4", muscled but not obviously, smallish feet, oval face, soft chin and cheekbones, pretty not beautiful, light freckles, tan skin Personality quirks: speaks her mind, dancing feet, bites her lip, likes to keep moving, Background: her parents are both honored soldiers, she is of noble birth but her lifestyle doesn't speak of it, when at home she has private teachers and wears dresses, Dialect: she speaks with authority and correct speech, though she doesn't always realize it.  In certain crowds she slips into slang, often caught using "dregs." What power does she have? language What virtue will she embody? Unconditional love What character trait does the hero demonstrate that might seem negative?  Impulsivity and bluntness. What undeserved misfortune has the hero suf…