a Not so Brilliant Not New Idea

I was watching part of a video of my sisters and cousins putting on yet another play they'd made up. Anyway, it made me think again about an idea for a sort of King Arthur story parody thing. Yeah, I'm such a great writer, aren't I, saying story parody thing instead of "a story using silly names for the usual characters." I could've just said that in the first place, right? Moving on.

I think it might turn into a series of stories. Do you know the Squire's Tales by Gerald Morris? I LOVE them. Witty, funny, serious at the parts it needs to be serious, just the right amount of normal romance, some magic and mysterious goings-on, ridiculous knights and chivalrous knights, sarcastic squires, unladylike ladies and more. Now you just want to run to the library or bookstore and read them, right? You'd better. They're Young Adult, but I'd recommend them to 13 and up, depending on reading strength. They're really easy for me, but I'm just a good reader. It's one of my few excellent strengths. Gah! Moving on again. I love to ramble. I wonder how my books will really turn out? The original version of Kalissa's book got so off track as I've told you. It was because I rambled! Okay, to the point of this post, that was supposed to be the point anyway.

The first story would introduce Sir Laughsalot. Funny, right? I can't decide if he really is going to laugh a lot, or if his name is totally wrong and he's actually quite grim. Then my mind goes off on tangents and I have no idea where to go next. One idea is to give everyone silly names that are parodies. Another is just to have word combination names. Or...I just forgot the other idea. Sorry.