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It's a Big Universe Pt.4

"Think about it like a video game." Terran taps the screen in front of Jace to swing the picture around. "This is a simulation."
"But it's not a simulation," Jace grumbles, clearly not actually upset. He's bouncing in his seat, eager to start. "Do you do this manually?"
"Not usually. Only when the surface I'm landing on is fluxuating and it's tricky for the ship's sensors to pick up the exact shape of the surroundings."
Jace's face is screwed up in concentration. "How am I supposed to do all of this by myself? I've never landed a spaceship before!"
Terran chuckles, sitting beside him and flipping switches as the ship descended through the atmosphere of Alpha One. "You're not going to do it by yourself. I'll do the special stuff. You just have to navigate and maneuver."
"Oh, just that." Jace shakes his head. "I guess it is a little bit like a video game. I don't remem…

Character Breakdown: Jyn Erso

The first thing you have to understand about Jyn is that she’s a passive protagonist. She’s not supposed to be leading the charge, exuding fierce emotions or have a determination to really go anywhere. Instead of moving through the plot and taking charge, Jyn lets the plot happen around her and weaves her way through the falling debris as best she can. She appears indecisive and unsure because she is - she has no real identity besides being that girl that people are interested in for the fact that she can help further their agenda.
Jyn doesn’t have an agenda. She’s wandering around, searching for a purpose, full of angst but at the same time, empty and emotionally naive. She’s fierce in that she wants to be independent, but it’s only because that’s all she’s ever been. She’s been on her own for a long time and is afraid to trust anyone because everyone she’s trusted has let her down some way or another.
She’s not grown up completely. She’s on the fence about where she stands in terms of…