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Italy Journal: Week 3 - Firenze


We toured the Uffizzi gallery. Honestly, I've seen so many good Renaissance and Baroque art that I was really bored. I left earlyish with people, but ended up with Tim going home. I got a cobalt leather bag and we stopped for food. We had a very awkward but genuine conversation about social situations in the class. I stayed up late because I decided not to go to Cinque Terra. If I was tired and achy after a couple hours in Firenze, then a whole day of walking wasn't going to be much fun. I have seen so many beautiful things already, and I need to rest and let my cold go away entirely.


I slept and watched vids and wrote and painted and sat outside talking with G-dragon and Donghae. It was somewhat helpful.


Nothing. The same things. Homework. I miss Netflix.


Class day. Honestly, some of these days are just normal school days, except that I eat pasta every lunch and dinner and have a great view of Florence from my campus. So, relatively normal. …

Italy Journal: Week 2 - Assisi and Firenze


Technically, we started the day in Rome, but we left at 8:30 in the morning. Assisi is beautiful. It's a little mountain town with an amazing view and streets that go up and down, moving with the hillside. Our hotel was very small, but nice. Our room was cold and the bathroom was warm. We dispersed for lunch and returned to the square in front of the hotel for our tour. The guide's name was Francesco like St. Francis and had a great sense of humour. His catchphrase was "am I clear?" It was very surreal to see St. Francis' tomb. I got tears in my eyes. Learning more about him and what he stood for has given me new resolve for what I want to do in my life. Not with my life - I'm called to write, I know that - but what else I'm going to do. I've wanted to study other languages for a while, and now I will have the time. I'll probably pick up French again eventually, but I really want to learn Korean. Not just because I love k-pop. I think it&…

Italy Journal: Week 1 - Rome


I have been awake for 26+ hours. My body tells me that it's 11 am and it's grumpy that I pulled an all nighter. As per usual, I didn't sleep on the plane. The Amsterdam airport was interesting. We walked a crazy route to get to our gate. At the MSP airport, since we were flying international, we were in a different section. The waiting area had a bunch of iPads so I spent the time reading Deadman Wonderland online. My travel team is Jonathan, Joel, Jillian, Micah and Danny. Our name is the Misfits and it really suits us. We're a motley bunch.
I'm currently in my hotel room in Rome. It's small. We walked out to see the bus stop and learn how the system works. In this hour before dinner, I'm keeping my mind busy  so I don't fall asleep. I'm.So.Tired.


Today we went into Rome for our first tour. We had an excellent guide named Suzanne. We toured the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The Colosseum was smaller than I thought it would be, bu…