Inspiration for Writing

Usually you have all the thoughts, all the words, and just not the inspiration. But what about when you have all the inspiration and not the words. Or rather, not the ideas that you wish to convey, therefore not the thoughts you could form to convey those ideas. The words are slippery. They don't stick to your thoughts; words don't come with thoughts. For many thoughts are only ideas, pictures, concepts that your mind invents. And what is inspiration? What is it, but the same thoughts and words, from another source? Your mind is the artist's palette; let the paint mix to create new images. Let the clay spin on the wheel to form new structure. You say you have the inspiration but not the words? No such happening. Wake up! Grasp those feathers that float by, tantalizing you with sheen and glow. Reach to the clouds! The wisps will reform in your thoughts to meld with the colors of your ideas. They paint the picture for you in your mind. Let it out through your fingers.
You have all the words, and no inspiration? You desire to pour forth the words that your soul contains and yet you cannot find the key? There is not one key but many. Open your mind! Feel the wind of colors and shapes melt your frustration to yesterday's shadows. The morning has already begun. Awake and speak! Your soul is not a thing to be contained inside your body. Let the emotions paint your fingers as they realize the words of your dreams to the paper.

And yet the mists elude your grasp and the dust falls back to the marble of your mind's floor again. Unclench your fists. Take a step forward; stir the dust and banish the dirt that muddies your thinking and riddles your thoughts. Wake up. Feel the life inside your mind, cloak it in colors. Draw of the well of breath inside your soul. Paint the strands. And spin it onto the paper; life is ink as well as breath.