I didn't want to take that step forward
I wanted to stay safe in my own world
The outside seemed so frightening
Although rather enlightening
I just wanted to stay underground

My face was constantly hidden
Too afraid to see that I was bidden
To come forth and join a greater purpose
Use my voice to sing the healing chorus
I just wanted to stay underground

Inside my heart a jagged gap was hurting
It felt like endless flames were burning
I didn't know how to start to heal
I didn't know how to start to feel
I just wanted to stay underground

The road ahead seemed so rough
I didn't think that I had enough
The leap of faith in the right direction
Walking blind at first to find perception
I just wanted to stay underground

But my heart was wanting the healing
The brokenness was begging for feeling
My life was such a mess of lies
Bloody battles circled by the flies
I slowly came up from underground

The light at first hurt my darkened eyes
It filled my head with hope of new life
I took the step and breathed the air
The sweetness killing my despair
I made my way up from underground

Nobody witnessed my revival
Nobody knew of my struggle for survival
I had kept it hidden and buried deep
And it troubled me and worried my sleep
My life was over living underground

Although I seem to have a new life
My way is not so clear as I would like
It's just as clouded as everybody else
Broken dreams and broken love spells
But at least I'm up from underground

And my dreaming can continue
My faith with me to keep me true
The sky is sometimes grey
But I promise I will stay
And never go back underground

I will never live underground…again


  1. Hey! I really like your new blog! I'm going to bookmark it. This is such a great poem. I like the idea of coming up from underground. Keep writing!
    Ji Veranna Jo!
    Jane Austen :)


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