Purity - Beyond Us, Forgiveness - Within Reach

We can never achieve purity
O! To be be - pure
Be - clean
To be -------- holy
If I could only be ----
Unsoiled, untarnished, unstained
But I can't

You know
When you don't wash blood off right away
You can never be rid of it
It will stay, marking you

And I, I am such a sinner
My sins - like blood stains on my hands
I was not sorry at first
No, never!
I never admitted my guilt immediately
And now, I am left with these marks
Soiling me
Not just on my hands ----
But on my feet, my head, my heart
In my mouth

O! I want to spit it out
I try and I try…and I try
But I cannot be rid of it
The blood ----
Taints my words
Everything I speak
Whether in despondence
Or in exuberance
In hate
Or in love
The blood is still there
Tainting my very existence

With these stains on me
Weighing on my heart and mind every day
How could I ever be clean?
How could I ever attain purity?
And holiness ---- it is far out of reach
Farther than the farthest star

So I'm crying, crying
I'm weeping on my knees
God ---- please,
Help me.
I am so unworthy
Of any love or grace
But you say that you can save me
Please, save me now
I believe

What's this?
No! He has given his own son
Jesus, dying willingly for me?
I have nothing to say
For are not my words tainted still?
My sins are gone and yet remain?

I am not clean
I have not achieved purity
I am not ---- holy
But, I am forgiven
I can stand before my God
And praise him, and my praises will be accepted

O God,
You have removed this staining blood from me
Your blood is on me now
Your blood is what gives me life
And hope
And shows me my purpose
O God, to you be the glory forever.