The Forest Deep

Enter, stranger, into the forest deep
Be wary on your journey
From here to mountain steep
Lurking, quiet, in the shadows of the trees
Sits many an unearthly beast
Could give you cause to flee
Softly, stranger, treading on the moss
In this forbidden hollow
Where you dare to cross
Moving, silent, stirring on the wind
Echoes of some voices gone
Perhaps they are your kin
Stop, stranger, stand unmoving still
While deer pass in front of you
To lap water at the rill
Cautious, slowly, kneel beside the brook
Drink as much as you wish
Free for those who look
Now, stranger, be going on your way
Follow the low winding path
Be careful not to stray
Hurry, faster, do not once look back
Until you leave the forest deep
On that lonesome track