Promised Poems

First off, I just wanna say that my screen name on Teen Ink is now "HisPurePrincess" but you can't search on that. However, you can search on any of my poem names, and underneath the title on the page for that piece, it gives the author's name. Under that is a link that says: See more by this author. If you click on that, you can see the full list of what I have up on the site. Okay!

I said I'd put some poems up, well, here are a couple that go together.

Questions to Answer

What does it take to make life from the ashes?
How can a body burned come back to life?
In a field of death and desolation
How do you measure what living is worth?

What matters most in a heart of stone?
The bleeding center of a soul so cold
Rejection and terror is all that is known
Tell what it takes to make it on your own

What does it take to pay for a life?
What does it cost to spark a new light?
Among the graves where you silently tread
Somber bleakness cannot awaken the dead

What in the world can conquer fire?
What can douse anger and put out ire?
In your heart you feel the unquenchable heat
That from the depths of your spirit you rise up to meet

What does it take to carry one's burden?
Lift to your own shoulders another's load?
When you already struggle with your own sin
When dark is here and you don't know where to begin

What would you do for someone you love?
Would die in their place or is loving enough?
As they walk the road to anguish and pain
And you have the chance step into their place

What will you do when look in their eyes?
How many masks will fall with their the lies?
In the silence of waiting when death is so close
Bringing with it ultimately the ending choice

What does it take to convince you to speak?
At the edge of everything, would you reach out?
Say the words that matter most to those that wait to hear?
In your own voice give the answer to the crowd

What would you say if I told you a story?
Of a man who died not merely for glory
After he died death was then conquered that day
Then he rose to show how his power is great

What would you give to live with him forever?
Is anything thing of worth that you could bring?
When all we have is earthly bodies soiled and broken
Giving him our hearts as an only offering

What can I say to help you understand?
The Savior and Messiah in the body of a man
Will you bring your own soul to lay at his feet?
So you live forever in the halls of the King

This World Here
Are you happy living here in the desolation?
I'm not
This world with darkened skies
The bluff we wear as our disguise
To hide the shame that blinds our eyes

Are you happy living here in destruction?
I'm not
The battle that we fight in blood
Surrounded by spectators' mud
And covered over by the flood

I'm not happy living here in this waste
This struggling, dying, gruesome place
I want to shout out for a better land
For in the end that what I'll have
I'm carried in the Savior's hand

Are you happy living now in separation?
I'm not
This world that teaches us no fear
In the shadows lust is near
The groping hands of temptation are here

Are you happy living now with speculation?
I'm not
What will happen in the end?
Will you be betrayed by your friend?
How next will life make you bend?

Jesus fights this battle
He's won the fight
He'll take you out of the night
Take us up to eternal light
Are you happy living here in endless sorrow?
Find Jesus, he's your hope of a tomorrow

All Those People
It makes me sad to see
All those people
Walking around with their eyes closed
It makes me sad to hear
All those people
Walking around shutting windows

It makes me even sadder
When one of those is me
Walking around in an empty room
It makes even sadder
When I refuse to see
Walking around ignoring my doom

It hurts to face the light
It hurts give up the fight
It hurts to push away the night
It hurts to do what is right

But after all is said
And after all is done
I'm better for what I give up
Better because I surrendered
Then I have to remember
All those people

And it makes me sad
To see all those people
That wander around in the darkness
And it makes me sad
To see all those people
That struggle and still are so helpless

It makes me even sadder
When I could be there
Helping them to find the narrow walking way
It makes me even sadder
When they're going nowhere
It's just coming closer to the ending day

It's hard to give the hand
And I can't know what He's planned
It's a struggle against the running sand
It's hard reaching out to the land

But after all is said
And after all is done
It's better to give and not take
Better to be his servant
And I'm slowly learning
With all those people