The Princess

"What's the matter with you, princess?"
My pale professor said.
"Have you been poisoned, stabbed or tortured,
Have you lost your head?

"Then use it, girl, before you're dead.
Get that mind to thinking.
You need to use the time you have,
Every day you're sinking!

"Don't look at me like I'm insane,
I'm alive because I'm clever.
You must learn to live this way,
The queen won't live forever!

"Now don't speak, the walls have ears,
I'll see you with the sun.
Think on what you've heard, but know
I expect your homework done."

When he'd gone, I sat a bit
And then got into bed.
I reflected on the day's events
On what he hadn't said.

He was right about everything.

One more mistake and I'd be dead.