If I Had A Brother

If I had a brother, we'd hang out all the time.
He'd be my closest confidant
I could tell him everything, we'd be best friends.
We would climb trees, explore creeks, whisper to the wind.
If I had a brother, and older brother
He'd always be ready to protect me
To give me advice, to give me love and hugs
I could trust him to treat me like a lady
He's be my gentleman friend
If I had a brother,
I would have him to explore the world with me.
We would make mistakes together,
Fall down together,
And pick each other up.
If I had a brother, he would keep me close to God.
He'd keep me on track, on the right path,
And I'd do the same by him.
I would pray with him and he with me.
If I had a brother, our lives would be entwined.
I would keep his secrets, and he would keep mine.
When I cried, he would hold me.
When he couldn't find the light, I'd hold him.
If I had a brother,
Life would be an even greater experience.
Joys would be shared together,
As would sorrows, and laughter, and pain.
If I had a brother, my same struggles would haunt me.
My sins would not be less,
His would be just as great or small as mine.
We would both still be humans, walking the road.
He and I, both would still be accountable to God.
If I had a brother, life would be different.
Perhaps not better, I guess I know that.
God did not choose to give me a brother,
And He knows best.
And yet, while God did not give me that brother,
Special friend, confidant, helper, mentor,
Someone to talk with me, hold me, pick me up,
In a way He gave me something better.
He gave me more than a brother.
He gave me many.

Joey, Josh, James, Justin, Evan, Forrest, Chandler, Jer, Toby, Teo, Cristian, Mark, Joseph, James, James, Nathan, Micah, Gabe, Mackie, Billy, Andrew, Phillip, Chris, Luke, Luke, Alex, Alex, Lucas, Ryan, Brendan, Matthew, Asher, Collin, Daniel, Isaac, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Mike, Leonard, Scott, John and probably others...


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