Wishes and Dreams

Somewhere there's a place
Where the skies are blue
Where you know you can be you
And I can be me too
Somewhere there's a place
Where the grass is always green
Where the air that's in between
Is just so very sweet

I know this place can only exist in my dreams
I know that wishing is just like it seems
A hope in something that's not truly real
But I'll keep wishing 'cause helps me feel like

Someday I'll be known
For exactly who I am
And all of my crazy plans
Will have come down to land
Someday I'll be sure
That I'm who I want to be
And I'll always act like me
'Cause I won't be someone else

I know this truth is how it ought to be
I know it's crazy when I start to believe
That all have are the wishes and the dreams
But life is more than words spoken in your sleep

Somehow I will learn
That it takes hard work
To build a place in this world
Where everybody's hazing
Somehow I will learn
That my talent's not enough
That living can be tough
When everybody's racing

I know I've only just stepped into the water
I know I'm still taking my first breaths
And still I'm just my parents' daughter
I don't know about the rest..of the story

Somewhere there's a place
Where the sky is blue
Where wishes can come true
In my dreams