In Memoriam (my verses) Post Transfer #1

I am just a poor peasant
Walking on this long road of life
I stumble in the brambles
I wander and I ramble
And foolishly sometimes leave the light

There are stones aplenty that get stuck inside my shoes
And I know that I could never possibly deserve you
But still you walk beside me and will hold me when I fall
'Cause you are far too beautiful to leave me

Still those demons holler at my back
They think they can fill what I lack
They whisper and they jabber
And it's hard to take their chatter
When you wearily walk the winding track

How I want to see the celestial city
I want to spend all of my days in praise
I know that God loves me
And I'll be with him eternally
So I need never be afraid

Those demons they will scream
They will spit and claw and shriek
But I've got a loving savior who will never let me go
So forgetting demon mountain I will run till I reach home
And forever I will love my God

Tell me, have you seen a boiling sunset?
Have you seen God set the clouds to fry?
They sizzle and the crackle while you munch your sun-warmed apple
And afterward can sip on some twilight
And when the stars come out you're too full to say a word
So you lay back on the grass and know that God so loves this world
Oh tell me, have you tasted of his moonlight?