AU Hogwarts Dream

I don't remember where the dream started off, but I was in this house, old stone and wood, huge house, with lots of other friends in some sort of school uniform.  It came to me that this was something like Hogwarts and we were about to fight the final battle against Voldemort.  Everyone had very interesting wands, even cooler than in the movies.  Mine was dark brown with white berries attached to it, all wood though.  It was too short for me, though, and never worked exactly right.  I think that was because it wasn't my original wand.  As I worked my way around the house, I saw Death Eaters, not like in the movies either, so this was kind of like a parallel universe where each character of Harry Potter had a twin, but looked a little different.

I joined in the fight and got knocked out by someone.  Then, some friends carried me to a safe room.  I watched that part out of my body.  When I woke up, one was still there, I thought, but it was an enemy.  I yelled, "Stupify!" and he was flung across the room.  I got up and felt dizzy on account of hitting my head.  Then I was fighting with my friends and ran through hallways, defeating some more stupid enemies and taking their wands.  Some of them were my friends' wands and I returned them.  I had started using one of the taken wands and I worked a lot better for me.

Then, I found the Draco character, and apparently we were friends.  I tried to persuade him to come with me, back to our friends, so he wouldn't be forced to fight us.  He shook his head, sort of numbly, and I think he was like, controlled by someone else, because he tortured me.  I eventually stunned him, but I couldn't get up.  My best friend came along and I think he was the Cedric character, and he helped me get to a safer place.  Then he stayed with me for a few minutes until I regained full consciousness and could walk.  We fought enemies together, and when he was stunned I helped him.  Clearly we were really good friends.

When we found Draco again, he was so sick because he'd been hurting his friends and we helped him to finally wrench free of Voldemort's control(the person like voldemort, dunno his name, nameless person) and we fought all three of us together.  By this time Cedric had a cut on his left arm and couldn't use it, Draco and I both had blood on our heads from when we were stunned, and he was limping.  But we were together.

Then eventually it was all over, and everyone was so exhausted.  I found an empty room where we lay down and slept for a while.  Then when we woke up it was sunny, and I still had all the wands I'd taken.  I ended up giving most of them away to those who'd lost their own, and Cedric, Draco and I got into a van with others and drove away from the house.  We went to a funeral of those who died and then went home.  I think then I found out that Cedric and Draco were my brothers, which was cool.  We hugged each other and then I woke up.