A recurring dream

Each person has a ball that contains the secrets and powers of their soul. The good guys protect this blue ball. The bad guy wants it because then he can use it to take over and destroy the good Organization. The protector is taken by the bad guy. He gets the blue ball. But he find out from the protector and the dragon that there is another ball. It's his ball and it holds all the secrets and powers of his soul. If he releases it, he could either destroy himself or gain power. The protector has a ball too. His is green and he releases his at the same time that the bad guy releases his. It was black with dark red cracks. They find out that they are in a sideways time. The leader of the Organization tells them they are dead. The bad guy is not really bad anymore because he finds that he likes being happy and he hates killing and seeing death now. The protector changes the bad guy's ball with his own ball, so that now their existences are entwined, but he has completely changed the bad guy to the good. They go back to the real time, and are still changed. But there was still an apprentice of the bad guy who followed them, and finds the blue ball. He uses it on one of the dragon's kids because she wouldn't tell him out to open the big power. Then he tries to use it on the protector. But the ball explodes and there is only a piece of pink rock salt in his pocket left. It's the apprentice's ball. The leader explains that there is only one use in the blue ball and now the salt is the ball that holds the world together. They are all confused, how can the blue ball have held the world together? It exploded. But it left the small piece of it behind and combined with the old protector's green ball. He has a new red ball and the green and pink ball is kept the in musical box safe and the apprentice is now the protector. The old protector and the old bad guy live for a long time, because their existences were combined. Then they die and the protector faces a new bad guy who tries to take the ball. And it continually happens all through time. The leader of the Organization never dies. He just is. Only he knows how the ball of the Organization keeps the world going. The Organization is for the restoration of the world. All the people in it lives in a large glass ball place on the world, because the world was burned by one of the bad guys who tried to use the ball to destroy the last happy place with life. The Organization is working to make magic and wonderful things and new plants and everything to fill up the world again. They are working on a way to bring back green and life instead of the red and black that is now the burned and burning world outside the glass. Lots of other things happen, but the good guys always win, even though lots of killing happens and sad things. But the Organization keeps going, making a way for people to eventually leave the glass ball place and live out in the world again.