Reposts #7 A Night for Dancing

It's a night for dancing
When the moon and stars are smiling at me
The grass is slippery beneath my feet
Rain has just come to wash nature clean

The river has risen and churns over the fall
When I shout it's still hard to hear myself
My laughter echoes with the mirth of happy trees
They shake their leaves dry in the wind

It's a night for dancing
When the forest is quiet and still
All creatures are asleep in their beds
Watched over by the dusk turning to dark

The air is still for a moment
Then it whirls around me
Pulling the ribbons from my hair
Tugging at my dress for a dance

It's a night for dancing
Dancing with the faeries
They whisper in their hollows
They sing from the tops of trees

It's a night for frolicking
For tip-toeing through the glade
When the mist of twilight floats over the ground
Moss makes it soft for your feet

I have always wanted to see the faeries
I see the sparkles from their magic
I hear their silvery laughter
Once I even touched a faerie's wings

Although I have never seen my faerie friends
The mist hides them from my sight
We still dance together
And our laughter mingles with the music from the stars

It's a night for dancing
I'm going to dance with the faeries
Are you coming?