Old Stuff #4 I feel Purple inside

I feel like my soul is purple
And it would rhyme with orange
Then suddenly it was silver
Because everything was turning over
And over,
And over,

I feel like my heart is grey

And it would rain on my hands
Then after dinner it turned into shadows
That ran away
To be seen again

But my mind, oh…

My mind is rainbow
So rainbow that violet is greenish red
And blue is truer than thoughts in my head
The blood in my veins
(and arteries)
So I'm pale
Like white,
Like snow,
Like white
A fairytale,
You know

I feel like my fingertips can glow

And the soles of my feet
Like my cheekbones are tired
They're velvet,
And worn,
And torn,
And eager to lie down and rest

I feel as if the rhythm inside me

The thumping and pounding
Of lots of thoughts screaming
The fireworks, anger
The daisies, my happy
And blue truer,
And greenish red,
Like blood that pumps through
My head…

Is purple, or violet, or indigo

And that,
Is me.